The 6 Steps To Sacred Love

By Edwina: What if I told you; the spark we feel when someone new comes into our love life could be guaranteed to last and not fail. The relationship we have all dreamed of having is abundantly clear to those around us but in reality; are we receiving it? No partnership would be genuine without some form of dispute once in a while and no amount of advice would ever be able to resolve every disagreement. It is therefore important to recognize; a ‘spark’ is not meant to last, it is meant to grow into something else.

We must look beyond the first initiation and allow things to ignite beyond the limitations of love at first sight, and into something much deeper and dynamic.

Transforming love into a more sacred connection is about trusting and being trusted. Only then are we able to become allies in shared growth with our partners. Reciprocating compassion unconditionally is one of our greatest teachers in this pursuit and shows us the path to enlightenment, even if we are unaware of it!


When our behavior to one another changes like this, we are acting from the heart, our truest self and it is unavoidable; those who we meet will be better for it, since we are resonating a higher level and raising the vibration of others purely from the way we calmly appreciate every moment which passes, due to our content. Being content surely goes beyond just being happy.

The 6 Steps to Sacred Love with your partner.

1) The Greater Good
When we look to help and support our partners to accomplish their goals and beyond, we are working from place beyond our personal gain. Essentially we are behaving selfless toward one another. This form of cooperation is a sign of a strong intertwining bond.

2) No Masks
When at work, with friends, even family, we usually will have some level of guard up. Like the clothes we put on before we leave the house, we wear masks which hide our full truth and like the chameleon blend in to however is appropriate to the situation. The transparency of your truest heart’s nature is only seen when in your partner’s company and adorns every occasion with pure honesty.

3) Believe In The Same Values
Though we may not always agree on which movie to watch or where to go and eat; we do share something which is extremely crucial for any relationship to work. Sharing and following the same moral code is part of any good relationship. It is the foundation which outlines a couples values and how they identify the world. If a partner diverted from it, things would most likely begin to shatter and fall apart.

4) Mutual Worship
Empathy and compassion highlights how deep our love for one another is. Though respect goes without saying in a healthy relationship, in a divine relationship; honoring one another with acts of love deepens our sacred bond. When a partners motive is to observe the joy and elation in their lovers eyes, we can rest assured; our love is worshiped.

5) Twin Flame Potential
This is a subject I covered before, in a previous blog, and it wouldn’t be fair to rule it out here. Though some believe a twin flame connection can be rare, there are certain characteristics which can be recognized in a connection which has grown and developed into a level of divinity. Sometimes in a relationship, there are moments when we just know what the other is going to say. We may know what they are thinking. When this level of familiarity is happening frequently, it is a clear indicator of a divine connection ..perhaps even a twin flame connection!

6) Earth Guides To One Another
Like a spirit guide, who is with us to encourage growth and help support us in times of need, so is true of an earth guide. Just like the spark which must end but only to change and become a roaring flame which engulfs us in new ceremonies of initiation; our divine connection is built on helping one another to grow, to take a leap of faith when the time is right and look beyond the boundaries of fear and trust in love.

Regardless of where your relationship is; there’s always room for growth and no reason why it cannot flourish with a deeper connection and abundance of joy. Hopefully now you will have a clearer intent of where your relationship can and will be heading. Remember; trust and be trusted. Only then, with an open heart, can the rest follow. If you would like to know more, get in contact with me today. I offer readings and healing, and will help you understand your partner motives more clearly.


Love and Light,


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