Tarotscope March 4 – March 10 2019

By Sarah: Here is the Tarotscope for the week 4 March – 10th March 2019.

AQUARIUS – This is the week for business. If you are a single Aquarian woman there could seriously be a dark, handsome stranger coming into your life. There is a sense of completion about your life right now – a new cycle has begun and the door is closed on the past. Happiness and blessings await you now.

PISCES – You have recently been on a voyage discovering who you are as a person. The energies are all over the place at the moment for you as change has come into your life. I see a wonderful reason to celebrate coming up in the very near future. This will mark the absolute turning point.

1sarah6 ARIES – Lots of experiences coming your way this week to teach you to have more self-confidence about who you are. Spend some time in contemplation – at the very least a ten minute stillness before you go to sleep. You are shown on a journey into the unknown with new adventures ahead.

TAURUS – You are grateful for what you have in your life but I see that you feel something is missing. You have so many dreams and goals – limit these down to just a few so that you can give them the energy to materialize in your life. I see the doorway to the world opening up to you so make sure you focus on some really big plans so that the energy does not get wasted. This is a great time for you.

GEMINI – This week starts off with a new cycle for you – the start of something new. I see new beginnings featuring very strongly in your stars and growth has already started to take place. However, you are advised to take life very slowly and to have as much patience as you can. Do not be impulsive and just go with the flow.

CANCER – Ouch something seems to have been getting you down little crab! You have felt like running into your shell and hiding from the world. Use this time to work out what it is that you are wanting out of life. Your Guides and Angels cannot push you int he right direction if you have no idea where you are going.

LEO – If you are looking for love then this is the week you are going to find it. I am shown a deeper closeness and communication with others and there may even be a sparkle for love between you and someone new if you are single. Love relationships will deepen this week and I see some messages or conversations taking place that will be significant in changing your life for the better.

VIRGO – There is a message or a turning point coming this week that is the missing piece of the puzzle. It will move things forward quite a bit. I see you have experienced a very dark patch recently but I am now shown a time where the Angels are walking by your side and a time of celebration is now here for you. Enjoy every moment!

LIBRA – I see you moving forward with balance and speed int he right direction. This could be the week of tremendous love coming your way – either through a partner or with family. You have been so kind and have planted really good seeds due to your thoughts and behavior. You will therefore now find the reward and I am shown some good luck on its way to you..

SCORPIO – A lot seems to have happened to you recently and you are holding onto negative emotional baggage which needs to be worked through. I also see a time of healing and self card. Focus attention towards yourself rather than towards others this week. I also see that some time in prayer or studying spiritual principles will fulfill your soul during this time.

SAGITTARIUS – You have achieved your goals and it is time to turn your back on the past and open up a new door in your life. I see that great blessings are coming your way in all areas of your life. This is a wonderful time for you so enjoy it as much as you can and realize what a wonderful person you actually are.

CAPRICORN – This week will show you that you are much stronger than you thought. I see the energies are all up in the air as change is coming into your life so try not to make too much sense out of things. There is a huge celebration coming up for you in the near future. A turning point that is impossible to miss.


Love and Light,


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