Tarotscope For The Week April 28-May 4 2019

By Sarah: Here is the Tarotscope for the week, 28th of April – 4th of May 2019.

AQUARIUS – Problems and/or issues are going to walk away from you this week. Just relax and go with the flow. Don’t let your thoughts deceive you. The wheel of fortune is spinning in your favor. I see growth in your physical reality probably in the area of business, finance or purchase. Go with the flow this is an easy journey for you at the moment.

1sarah6 PISCES – There is a message or conversation coming your way this week that is literally going to turn your frown upside down. I see things have been stressful and now this week everything turns out for the better. Your energy at the beginning of the week is totally different from the energy at the end of the week. Things are looking very hopeful for you.

ARIES – Things start moving forward for you this week. It has been a confusing time for you and I see that some people have not been upfront and honest. Now is the time that you start to see clearly the road ahead and there also seems to be a good fortune on a monetary level – business and money issues will be resolved.

TAURUS – Male and female will have felt really irritated by life this week. The struggle is real and it is starting to take its toll. Focus on what you want not on what you fear and go slowly. Have patience and allow everything to unfold organically. The solution will start to reveal themselves by the end of the week. Try not to take your frustrations out on others.

GEMINI – Despite the problems that you are going through this week, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I see that things have been supercharged on an emotional level. Despite all that is going on you are shown as still being positive and motivated and you can attract some good things this week if you just focus in the right direction.

CANCER – On an emotional level things are really good this week. I see a heart full of love. There are some interesting changes coming along and I see the evolution of some kind – like when a caterpillar emerges from a cocoon as a butterfly. I see your roots are in fertile soil so feel confident when making decisions.

LEO – You have learned some very wise lessons recently and I see that this has been quite a trying time for you. However, the Angels are dancing around you telling you to make the most out of what has happened. You have gained great wisdom so don’t hold onto negative scenarios – flip the switch and see the positive. Life is actually working in your favor.

VIRGO – Life is a bit stressed out at the moment but keeps pushing forward as some of your greatest wishes are going to materialize. I see you have nothing to worry about – there is wonderful protective energy surrounding your home so proceed forward with confidence. Try not to feel the pressure and be more light-hearted in your approach to life.

LIBRA – Financial pressure is going to be relieved this week. I see something quite big coming your way – a solution to financial worries, a promotion, a new job. Something mega is coming to your way money wise. However, have patience as the journey won’t speed by. Use your intelligence where you can and you will complete this week on a successful note.

SCORPIO – Let go of what is holding you back. I see you holding onto emotional baggage which is not necessary. Some renewed energy is coming your way and life can be as big as you want to make it. Just make sure you imagine some amazing things happening to you and your family and that is what will come to pass. Your thoughts are very powerful this week and you can move mountains.

SAGITTARIUS This is a great week to do some inner soul searching. Spend some quiet time alone thinking about life and the people you share your life with. Spiritual literature will serve you well and nourish your soul. This week is all about you and satisfying your wants and needs physically as well as spiritually.

CAPRICORN Some things have been weighing on your mind and this week decisions will be made. I see you on a journey into the unknown as you face up to things rather than running away. This is a positive week and you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. If you don’t know what to do the answers will come soon.


Love and Light,


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