Super Perigee Full Moon

By Edwina: The biggest brightest moon for 68 years is upon us! Known as a ‘super perigee full moon’, it is set to arrive in our skies on the 14th November 2016. So what does this mean? Well apart from the obvious, which is, we will observe the greatest illumination and shine emanating in our night skies due to the full moon being at its’ closest to the earth’s orbit. There are also other factors to consider.

The world today would not have life if it was not for the moon! The moon’s gravitational pull controls our ocean tides, which has been scientifically proven to have an overall impact on the development of living organisms. Within myself, I can feel the energy when there is a normal full moon. Perhaps because as I am also a crystal healer, I find the moon cleansing and empowering, just as crystals do. You only need walk past my windowsill, on the night of a full moon, and find numerous crystals on display, soaking up those lunar rays! Though it is an overall positive for me and the existence of life, we also cannot afford to ignore the other side…the dark side of the moon!

It is here where we address the term ‘lunatic’. Derived from the Latin word lunatics, it was used in reference to epilepsy and madness which had their root cause afforded to the moon. This is where the moon’s light rays also derive their name, ‘lunar’, from the Greek god Luna. So does the heritage of the moons previous embodiments ring true today? Well according to the police force in the United Kingdom perhaps yes! They have a common saying for when there is a full moon and they are working the evening shift on the beat, it is known as the Transylvania Effect. On the night of a full moon, the UK police force believe they are dealing with more aggravated behavior than most other nights. As the Pink Floyd song suggests, on these nights, ‘the lunatic is on the run’.

Generally, if you were not aware already; the moon is moving slowly away from us. This has been happening for many years now and as it pulls away it has an effect on nature and all living organisms. As mentioned earlier the moon directly impacts our tides, which in turn, breathes life into the world. It is hard to understand how this force could not affect us! No doubt, the Transylvania Effect was coined from mythological history of vampires and werewolves, which in particular, emerged when the moon was full. Obviously these fictional figures are not to be taken so literally today, yet the imagination of stories are drawn through the creator’s emotional state when conjuring from external stimulus, in this case, the moon.

I could continue this discussion further since the full moon is such a full subject. However, this is a super moon and for those people born of the 14th of November what should they expect? The moon will have an effect on them in the way of direction. They will not know which way to go, yet I encourage you to do so and make a move or take action on this day. You are loyal and trusting people who believe in faithfulness and guiding others. Now trust in yourself and be your own guide! I you would like to know more on how it will affect you personally, please contact me, and remember folks, if you miss this super moon, you will have to wait until November 25, 2034 for the next one.



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