Spring Cleaning For Your Soul

By Nova: From time to time, every apartment is good to dust and clean out. But did you know that it is at least as important to regularly reorder one’s life? Lifestyle, priorities, circle of friends, past: With a small inventory you will quickly discover what strengthens you – and what may not have been good for you for a long time. Let go and find your way back to yourself.

Clear out your home
1nova2 Stacks of books, cupboards full of clothes, overcrowded shelves: there are many reasons why each one of us fills his life with things he thinks he urgently needs. But is that really the case? As you walk through your four walls, think carefully about which item really makes you happy. Those who don’t should give it away with a clear conscience. If you don’t want to throw something away, donate or give it to someone who is happy about it. This will allow them to focus again on the things in your life that really please you.

Review your lifestyle
When you go against your beliefs, you’re plagued with remorse. That is why it is so important to live by your values. This is the only way to stay happy and authentic. What about you? Are you convinced of your lifestyle? If not, what can or do you want to do to change that? Give your convictions a fixed space and act actively accordingly. Stay on the ball if you catch yourself with contradictory behavior from time to time. Psychologists say that changing habits take an average of 66 days. You can do that!

Set new priorities
Do you also have a to-do list of all the things you wanted to do in your life? Perhaps you would like to go on a trip around the world at some point, dare a parachute jump or make a pilgrimage on the Way of St James. We have a tip for you: throw the list away and set new priorities. Don’t miss your life because of all the plans, because it’s happening right now! From now on, just let everything come to you and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves to you.

Have the courage to leave
Social contacts are important for us and our mental well-being. Good friends are always there for you, listen and give us new strength. With them, one experiences the greatest and most beautiful moments of happiness. Or can you think of someone who is no longer happy? Perhaps friendship has come of age, one has drifted apart. That happens. Be honest with yourself and do not force yourself to a meeting that you are not looking forward to. You can also let go of friends. Always proceed sensitively and respectfully – but above all consistently.

Clean up your past
Are there situations in your past that burden you or are still unsolved? Reflect: What and why did it happen? Is there anything you can do to clean up this situation? Perhaps you want to apologize to a certain person or ask them for a debate that is important to you so that you can finally close the debate. Perhaps it is a great overcoming for you, but you will see: It is worth letting go of things that no longer do you good.

So you find yourself back to yourself and feel free – free for new experiences, new people, new happiness.


Love and Light,


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