Spiritual Experiences – The Day I Connected With My Crystal Ball

By Edwina: Historically, the Crystal Ball owes its heritage to the Celtic Druids. It is believed, using beryl balls the Druids would divine future events. I cannot remember exactly when I bought my Crystal Ball but I do know; it was many years after, when I have begun to use it. The experiences I would go on to have, has made it worthy perhaps of the Druids, and for sharing with all of you.

edwina03 My journey commenced with study, learning everything and anything through books on the art and method of Scrying. Scrying is the term given to the divining through a Crystal Ball. At this point in my life I was very much a sceptic. Anything esoteric I approached very light heartedly, yet for some reason, I was drawn to pursue the scrying. Through discovery, where books are a great resource of information, using your own intuition is equally invaluable. Trust in your own judgement and trust in your primal instincts.

The day it happened!

I sat in front of the Crystal Ball, eye level and gazed inside. I felt I was supposed to see something, but I didn’t know how to unlock it. I sat and starred over and over, day after day, month by month, and nothing happened. I did not know what to expect and looking back, I am surprised how vigilant I was. Then one day something occurred! A flash of milky white colours appeared inside the ball. It flushed through like milk had been added somehow. I blinked and it had gone! I remember feeling surprised and extremely excited by what had just happened, though I did not know what it meant or what might happen next! My commitment was beginning to pay off and I continued to gaze into the ball but nothing was happening.

I was getting discouraged and began to question what I had seen, was it real or had my eyes played tricks on me. Well, regardless of self doubt I persisted and days later I saw the very same milky flush again! This time I was determined not to blink and I was glad I didn’t. After the milky flush, something else took place. The milky flush turned iridescent and sparkled! It then went black and that is when it began. Images started to emerge; I could see ocean waves, not like a picture, but fully animated and clear as day! I couldn’t believe it; I was seeing images in a Crystal Ball, which my sceptic side could only comprehend as crazy! Over time I found places I would go to visit I had already seen!

I worked with my crystal ball for about a year, using it to predict future events. Sadly, though my eyesight failed and maybe I wasn’t meant to use this method of divination anymore. It was an amazing experience while it lasted and I invite you to give it a go. Do take care and proceed with some caution, remember to scry for short sessions such as 15 or 20 minutes at a time. If you do get yours to unlock, I know how you will feel. It is a magical thing and would love to know how you get on.


Love and Light,


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