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By Edwina: It can be said; the spiritual student is one who pushes beyond belief systems, who searches for inspiration, meaning and purpose, in themselves and others. Indeed, our spiritual self endeavors to align with the universe in harmony, infinitely bound together and pulled into focus in times of turmoil both mentally and physically. The same is true of a relationship with a soulmate. But how are we able to truly know we are with one of our soulmates.


“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. Each of us, then, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole…and each of us is always seeking the half that matches him/her.”-Aristophanes
We live in a world where people feel it necessary to categorize/label one another into recognizable groups. This is essentially a primal instinct, a defensive mechanism inherent in all of us where we choose either fight or flight. It is when we find familiarity, we are more inclined to hang around. There are also certain key signs we can all look for to help identify who our soulmates may possibly be.
1 – Zero awkward circumstance.
This is an easy key sign to identify, and most of us usually recognize they’re not with the ‘one’ when the rhythm of conversation doesn’t flow and falls into awkward silences.
2 – Revitalized sense of self.
There are people who you will meet in life, who in my profession we call ‘psychic vampires’. They may not be aware of it and perhaps totally innocent of what they are doing, but the fact remains; after you spend time with such an individual you feel fatigued and drained of energy. There may be people at work you tend to avoid and this might be why. The opposite though is true of a soulmate.
3 – Vibrational synchronicity.
Perhaps a cliche example yet it is true, sometimes when in the presence of another individual we find ourselves finishing one another’s sentences. This is a great key indicator that you are with someone on your wavelength.
4 – Emotional growing pains.
Do not worry if you argue a lot with your partner. This is a natural part of any relationship and just like being on the same wavelength with someone else, we understand exactly how to get under each others skin. No one is perfect and it is through the test of time our bonds grow stronger.
5 – Deja vu effect.
This obviously focus’s on first encounters, where we feel a sense of having met a total stranger somewhere else before. This falls into the category of familiarity which is a great starting point for any relationship.
6 – Mutual acceptance for individuality.
If you do not have this element in your relationship, soulmate or not, you may run the risk of toxicity flowing into your life energy. If on the other hand, we identify through one another’s individuality an unlimited sense of something greater than both you, regardless of ambitions or sudden change of ambition, then are on the right path.
7 – The ‘love at first sight’ concept.
Another cliché I’m afraid, but it happens and can only be described as an awakening in two souls filled with renewed excitement of life.
8 – Soulmates beyond shoe size.
Sharing interests and passions will always contribute to compatibility with a partner and is one sure indicator you’re with a soulmate.
Now this all said, if you are reading this and not finding any correlations with your partner, please do not begin to question yourself. This guideline can be incredibly helpful in guiding us to the right people we should have in our lives. Equally, you must li 66% either strongly or somewhat, believe in soulmates. Which is reassuring for those of us who share in this ideal! But could this be why the Pew Research Center reports; a record number of unmarried Americans? sten to your intuition, the gut feeling which lets you know whether you are right for someone and they are right for you. A recent survey in America by Monmouth University Polling Institute who study public opinion found that
Perhaps we will never know. What I do know; over the many years of being consulted by client’s about their relationships, I have found too many of us have too many ‘tick boxes’ for what we want in our life. ‘Never settle for second best’ I hear a lot and if that is your prerogative, then I wish you all the best with that philosophy. Desire is important, but remember we only desire that which we do not have. In my belief; we do not always get what we want, but we do get what we need, and it is usually our partner’s faults we miss the most when they are not close or not with us. Many of you ‘singles’ reading this, are probably spending your time surfing the internet looking for where the heck cupid’s arrow has gone?! And when I have researched the web, I have discovered a great deal of self help books on sale proposing to hold the answers through spiritual guidance. I can assure you, there secret they’re selling is what is known as Cosmic Ordering. It is a field I am an expert on and if you like to know how to access it for love, life, perhaps even finances, get in contact.


Love and Light,
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