Soul Retrieval From The Shamanic Tradition

By Bridgette: Aeclectic tarot. (One of the tools used by Psychic-Bridgette)
Have you ever wanted to travel to far-of places, and meet people from completely different cultures? (one of the many decks i use in my readings) this deck creates such an experience for me to see “issues about another soul-journey..In the path you have to tread to find your authentic “, self /soul mate/success and dream interpretation. This a unique deck, from South Africa and it appears to be full of spirit of this place… It respectfully honors’ the myths and cultures of people from “the four directions of that land in a way that can broaden one’s horizons, still-it stays true to recognizable tarot meanings and teachings, clearly in the Ryder-Waite-Smith, lineage.

1bridgette2 The images break enough tradition to offer fresh perspective that introduces us to the wisdom…of the many peoples of the southernmost reaches of the African continent. (Just one of the many tools, I use in my readings) this helps me to explore the wisdom tradition of other lands. African folk tales were past down in a strict oral tradition, from one generation to the next. Tribal story tellers like shamans-richi-sanghomas who are the healers teachers and “respected elders” -called guardians of the umlando (tribal history).

The tarot, as a story telling device, can bring us to the core of our own personal consciousness…

The images of the tarot mirror universal patterns and icons (archetypes), although the traditional tarot, is based entirely on the European renaissance period, We can find the equivalents in African authority the “Itongo tarot“, for transformation -is based entirely on the myths and legends of south Africa. Chosen tales that resonate with the themes and archetypes.. Itongo means “spirit. the amathongo are the ancestors, those who have died and joined the spirit world, Itongo is “all things”-and all things are of it. The manifestation of the “itongo” is threefold, 1) universal mind, 2) universal force, 3) universal substance of master. After all, we can say we all come from the “cradle of mankind” found in the ancient lands dating way back in the discovery of mitochondria. Eve= ancient mother gene is within all human DNA so to say… we must be all related in some way or the other..and this also relates to stardust from the cosmos just an added note here on the use of natural herbs and plants of our mother precious earth..are ,but some of the uses for treating ailment and cures for many afflictions of body-mind -soul… I think it is time we go back to our beginnings and make use of what mother nature spirit have given us to explore to come to wholeness once again..

We all desire connection, whether it is from a plant, a person, or an animal. The underlying desire is connection. My understanding as to why we desire this connection, is because we are all strands of an original” source”that has separated from the origin in order to experience itself. This is the only way that this source energy can experience the infinite aspects of itself. Like a matchstick that experiences itself as something that can light a flame ,but it is still part of the vibration of the tree from which it came, or water that experiences itself as a wave, but is still part of the vibrational ocean. So, because we are all parts of the main source by inter-relating and inter-connection. We are essentially enhancing our individual vibrational strand of that source energy but here ‘s a thing.. We must be cognizant of any unhealthy “needs” that cause us to rely on an external source, to fill the eternal void, thus, diminishing our vibration rather than expanding it. (i speak from my personal and painful experience with addiction) ..and also from the perspective of a shaman…


Blessings be.

Namaste with love and light,


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A Clairvoyant/Psychic gift cultivated since a very young age, under guidance from her Grandmother (who comes from a lineage of shaman and psychic mediums).

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