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Welcome! My name is Xena. I am a god gifted master psychic and it’s my privilege to be able to join the elite LifeReader world class psychic team.

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I am well known for my work in the area of soul mate connections and relationships.
Through this article I would like to very simply demystify some myths surrounding soul mate love as well as knowing when you have found your soul mate.

Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions. Sit back, relax and enjoy ☺

Q: What does soul mate love feel like?

Soul mate love is a very unique experience. It’s the feeling of having known or met the
person before, even though you know you haven’t (although your souls recognise each other
from a past life). It’s a feeling of complete comfort to be yourself and surrendering of all ego and masks. Complete acceptance of yourself and your soul mate.

Q: Does soul mate love mean the relationship will be perfect?

No! Far from it! Soul mate love is not perfection. Soul mates push each other’s ‘buttons’
and out of comfort zones in order to learn, grow and evolve. Soul mates disagree and argue
but at the end of the day agree to disagree and keep on living in harmony with complete
respect for the soul mates difference in ideas, thoughts, opinions and beliefs. After all
how boring would life be if you and your soul mate were identical in everything?

Q: Do we only have one soul mate?

We can and do have more than one soul mate. The more spiritually aware and evolved you are,
the more your journey will lead you to uncovering your soul mate, wherever they are.

Q: Do soul mates share a past life?

Yes, soul mates stem from a past life connection. It is why when we ‘first meet’ them
there’s a different’ feeling to meeting someone who don’t share a soul mate connection?

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Q: Is it ok for my soul mate to be abusive?

Any type of abuse, be it, physical, verbal or mental is NEVER ok and should never be tolerated. Soul mates are to lift each other higher, not to bring another down. If you are in this time of relationship, it’s time for serious evaluation.

Q: I found someone I connect with but I am not sure if he/she is my soul mate. Can you help me?

Yes! This can sometimes be complex and an article (such as the one you’re reading now) pin pointing attributes of a soul mate may still leave you confused and that’s why it’s best to seek out a professional psychic who specialises in soul mate connections to assist you.

Please phone me or chat with me on LifeReader and I can happily tune into the energies surrounding you to let you know if your soul mate is currently around you or about to enter your life. I can even assist with tips to attract your soul mate or enhance the relationship you have with your soul mate.

“Soul mate love is a meeting of mind, heart, body and soul on the highest of levels”

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  1. Adele

    My marriage as been broke up for almost a year! My husband came back wanted to try to work it out!!
    I have feelings of mistrust!
    Am I doing the right thing by taking him back!


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