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Many people have been lead to believe that they need a translator to communicate with a higher power. Sometimes unsavoury people use this as an opportunity to take something very simple and use it to control individuals for their own benefit.

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I refuse to believe that God would make this a prerequisite to faith. In fact, I believe that sometimes religion can be a dark force. We see this in parts of the world where religion is being used to oppress, control and brainwash vulnerable people. 

In my opinion, God and organized religion are not mutually exclusive. God lives in all of us; no translation (or translator) is needed!

Life is fleeting; it is here one day and gone the next. Young, old, white, black, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, christian, muslim…it doesn’t matter, no one is immune from the cycle of life.

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What we can be certain of is that God is real. This life is only temporary, and the things we think are part of us will disappear when our bodies die.  But the REAL you is immortal. 

Try to find happiness in the simple pleasures in life. Good conversation, reading, family and friends. Get involved in your community, get to know your neighbours, let the people around you know that you care and believe in something.

Enjoy the journey and do not pay attention to what others think of you. 

This is what TRUE FREEDOM is about.

Enjoy the time given. There is never enough time!

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