Solar Eclipse – 26 December 2019

By Angelica: With a solar eclipse, which can only happen at a New Moon, the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, either fully or partially blocking the Sun from our view on Earth. In astrology, the darkness linked with a Solar Eclipse also casts a shadow on our lives. Solar eclipses, because they happen at a New Moon, are about taking care of unfinished personal business, getting more honest with yourself and planting seeds for the future.


The New Moon occurs on Thursday, 26 December 2019 in Capricorn and is an annular solar eclipse; which means not all of the Sun will be darkened. This particular eclipse is going to be very auspicious because both the Sun and Moon align with Jupiter (the planet of growth, abundance and good luck!). A helpful aspect to Uranus also adds positive change and anticipation.

This eclipse can bring many people unexpected good luck and happy coincidences when least expected! A chance encounter with a new love interest or even an offer of being involved in a new, creative venture with a partner could be on the horizon. This particular eclipse is one of the luckiest in a very long time.

At the end of a decade that has had its fair share of trials and tribulations, socially, economically and climate-wise, the positive aspect of the Sun conjunct Moon indicates that all possibilities are now on the table and you can put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future. This is a great time to make a fresh start, so write down your new goals on paper, think a vision board; get specific.

This eclipse is an excellent time to question outdated habits and behaviors as you search for innovative ways to make progress. Jupiter entered Capricorn on 2 December 2019, so this also supports long term planning for growth, particularly in the areas of finances and anything that involves saving for a future goal.

The solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter aspect can bring expansion to all areas of your life with opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth. You may be urged to take a leap of faith and experience life to the fullest. The keyword “expansion” applies to all areas of life, from relationships to wealth.

You may have an urge to begin new studies or take a long trip! Relationships, investments, business and legal matters started under this influence have a great chance of success.

This solar eclipse trines Uranus, which can heighten your self-awareness through increased intuition and psychic insights. These insights together with increased self-confidence and a sense of adventure allow you to express the more unusual side of your personality! 

This can be an excellent time to make desired changes in your life because they should flow smoothly and cause less upset than you might think.

If your past has felt like it has been stagnating, exciting opportunities will offer you a new path forward and satisfy your need for positive change. You should be able to learn things quickly through experience, perhaps learning to cook a new cuisine, learn a new language or style of dance. Meditation and astrology around the time of this eclipse can lead to a spiritual growth spurt and expanded awareness.

Take advantage of these positive energies.


Happy Eclipse for 26 December!

Blessings, Love and Light,


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