Slave To Love

By Jason: We all can think that our life is not going anywhere and you live in your own thought process. That my life sucks. And why did he /she leave me? This is how you will feel when this happens. The reality of my emotions is hard to face I’ve done all that I can do. How can I give you more than my love? I am tired to understand you. I have done all that I can do. And you blame yourself why these things keep happening to you. Why do I not become successful in a relationship? Why is my partner distant from me? Why does he want a divorce?

jason3 We have all walked this path in this lifetime and the grief that is attached to loving someone that has rejected you. We all have a life lesson to learn while we are here on this planet earth we are all connected we are all one with the universe. And we all want to be loved not rejected.

The truth is what you project out in your mind, how positive and connected you are to the universal life force that is full of light and love, you can never be rejected In love this way, because we are too busy with our day to day lives and working or doing other life activities, we forget the main thing love. This goes for loving oneself and others and projecting out love with Actions because of this reason relationships fail.

When was the last time that you had a romantic dinner? Or held hands when you walked together?  There is a long list of actions that you can do with each other when you are sensitive and connected to one another and you need to look at yourself are you giving the love that you want to receive? Blame comes with rejection and then you feel hurt and start thinking things that are an illusion.

But what you forget is looking at oneself why this is happening to you once you move past and realize that you are not being rejected, it is where you have to love again and show the actions even if you separate with your partner or anyone you can retrieve the relationship. When you remove Blame and accept responsibility. You do need to move forward quickly because in this universe, there is nothing that stands still and you have to remove the word Ego from your mind. Because if you want to fight for love and be happy in your life and not attract the things that is not good for you then you have to stop rejecting yourself and allow the universal life force to help you. There are non believers and believers.

You have nothing to lose, but, to fill your mind with love, sensitivity and compassion towards humanity. It does not matter what others think of you, what matters is what you think of you. Look at the universe, there is no end. There never has to be an end with love in your life as long as you keep the light and love inside you.

I am sensitive to your feelings.


Chat soon.



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