Sixth Sense: Psychic Ability

By Bridgette: This is our ability to perceive the subtle dimension of the unseen world of Angels-Ghosts-Heaven-Spirit-God essence- metaphysical subtle energy of the Body-Mind-Soul. Our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect, relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of the intellect. ESP (extra sensory perception), clairvoyance, premonitions intuition are synonymous with the “Six- sense” ability.. An activated sixth sense ( Psychic-ability) is an important tool in conducting spiritual-psychic readings.

When the ability to perceive frequencies/vibration from the Spiritual dimension is activated, they have the same place like X-rays have in medical science. The capturing of Paranormal activity on film – or the ability to see an “out of focus” face of a ghost, is just the tip of the iceberg in the understanding of the subtle dimension.

1bridgette2 Firstly, the subconscious mind perceives all we see or do in our personal reality. To understand your true potential you must first understand that the intelligence that created you, made no errors in its creation, we are pure intelligent energy with amazing capabilities. While you are in a reading with me, it can change your life if you take the time to understand it and use it, your brain have distinct responsibilities. One being the fact that it is a “psycho- cybernetics-mechanism”.  The term psycho refers to the mind and cybernetics refers to the self-regulating feedback, it operates automatically, as an example; how a cybernetic mechanism works, think of the thermostat in your home and imagine it is set at seventy degrees. If someone had to open a window and the heat had to come in, the control center (or the brain) of the thermostat will recognize the deviation from the set program of 70 degrees, and automatically sends  a message to the electrical system that the air-conditioning should be turned on, this happens within seconds, your brain ha a very similar response to stimulation.

As children, we are programmed to have beliefs in each of our lives, the first step in changing the old ways, which might have brought you to an unpleasant situation you find yourself in is to stop doubting. Doubts and fear that are holding you back- you have to take conscious charge of it ( I always try to guide you in this during my readings) .You need to focus on this moment. And this is a good reason or time to seek assistance from an authentic, well cultivated (practitioner who has the ability to see beyond your immediate situation you find confusing or disturbingly painful etc.), whether it is by using the third-eye, remote viewing, ESP, by now it is well documented that this phenomena is part of our reality as we perceive our selves. You are a spiritual being within the citadel of a soul-body and the mind has the ability to connect with “all that is” but,  as I have stated so many times before, that, most souls do not want to do the work that is needed to see beyond the situation or problem that is blocking  one’s progress to achieve all those great outcomes we seek. It is part of the journey-path you walk in this time and space.

Now, modern psychology rarely allows for this to be taken into account when analyzing a “patient” (this I am aware of during my research-studies of Astro-theology,,etc.) Yung’s psycho- analysis has shown the connection to all within this field of studies/documentations. A deeper understanding does not just happen in a blink it does need a bit of time to adjust to the way one view or perceive a problem or situation, after all we all have our unique -point of view.

Here at Lifereader, you will find a connection to be able to open and just trust, to let go and not be afraid to be judged or feel unworthy, every soul has its lessons and purpose why they came to this earth-plane. And discovering or uncovering your true purpose is the best gift you can give to yourself. In your dreams-goals-aspirations you have to get into a mind-state, where you feel peaceful, happy, and clear, I hope that for one can be that soul-friend to help you through any situation and healing and aligning you to what i see in your path ahead. You are important and nothing or no-one can take that away from you.

If you pause and just give it a moment to follow that light, Nothing is impossible my friend. Your guides and angels are the guardians of all that is from Great-spirit. In my native land of South-Africa, the elders have always known this to be true… Trust! I hold a space here for you in my heart.
Namaste, I see the light that shines through me… within you.

Love and Light,


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A Clairvoyant/Psychic gift cultivated since a very young age, under guidance from her Grandmother (who comes from a lineage of shaman and psychic mediums).

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