Single On Valentines Day

By Sarah: It doesn’t matter if you do not have someone to celebrate Valentines Day with sensually – rather give out love to others.

We have always made it a rule in our home that Valentine’s Day is about loving everyone – it’s my daughters favorite holiday of the year. We always buy the children chocolates and fill our home with flowers and write little notes of appreciation to each other. We send loving messages to our friends and the family we still associate with. Even the little cousins get messages., Many people say Valentines Day has simply become a capitalist venture – but the true essence of really showing someone you love them has no price attached to it.

Of course – if you are single the first thing you should do on Valentine’s Day is love yourself right? So, go out and find the most beautiful bunch of flowers you can find. This will certainly brighten up your home and lift the frequency making you feel happier. Get yourself your favorite take out meal and buy yourself a pudding/dessert – you are allowed to have a cheat day. Put on your favorite TV show or music you love and celebrate being totally in control of your life – live in the moment. One day, you will look back on this ritual and remember it affectionately. You are only single for a short time in your life on earth so value it.


Think about the people at work – how many do you have in your office? If it’s like 10 people or less – bake some cupcakes, buy some small bars of chocolate, write little notes letting each person know how much you value them. They will never forget you. You will make them feel so good about themselves.

If you have a really special friend that you would like to spoil and let them know how much you care about them and appreciate having them in your life – then here is a wonderful suggestion. Go on Google and find a star. Any star that you like. Take a screenshot of this star. Go over to Canva and design a poster or a certificate, stating that you are giving this star to the person of your choice. You can get creative and suggest what the star means. And because it’s all done electronically you can send this to anyone anywhere in the world.

Another nice idea is to purchase a bottle of wine – and make a new label for the wine. Choose a fun name or paragraph that suits the friendship you have with your special person. Write the date you met and the date of Valentines Day 2022.

If you are absolutely sick and tired of being single – then here is a beautiful little ritual that you can do. Light a candle for three hours and ask the Angels to guide and protect you with love and finding your soulmate. You can even Google an Angel of your choice by name. Ask that you will be in a happy and uplifting, committed relationship by 14 February 2023. Make a promise that you will be brave and have courage and you will walk through any door that opens. In other words, if someone asks you to a dinner party – you must go, don’t hide away. God will give you the fishing rod but you need to go out and fish. Your soulmate will be on their way to you – have no doubt whatsoever.

Get yourself a beautiful notebook and write down a description of your perfect soulmate. How tall they must be, color of hair, personality. Make sure you include they are kind to animals, children and old people. This shows someone who has compassion and is not a narcissist. You also don’t want them to have any addiction issues or toxic behavior patterns. And that when they get drunk they don’t go overboard or get violent. This is you changing your life, finding a teammate you can work with and to own and grow a home and a family with them. Once you have set your eyes on this goal you are one step closer to having your roots in strong and fertile soil. By having your team mate/soulmate by your side, you can become a power couple and making money becomes so much easier.

Remember – relationships are hard work – an absolute work of art for the rest of your life. Choose arguments wisely. Stay committed to each other. Don’t get tempted into affairs. The whole point of life is leaving nothing but silver footprints behind you – what you do in the present is what will manifest in the future. SO try not to create any karma in your life – speak with truthfulness and honesty. And this is the same with dating – if it is a loving and committed relationship that you want – then aim for that. Be straight up with men – that you are not interested in fooling around, you are now actually looking for your soulmate. With my clients I know hundreds of men and women all looking for their soulmates – sometimes I wish I owned a dating site so I could hook everyone up! It is safe for you to go out into the world telling people you are looking for your soulmate. Because that is what everyone is seeking out since the moment they were born. Their soulmate.

In Spirit – and in the heavens – we were one soul – and we were sent to incarnate on earth as split souls -masculine energy and sacred divine feminine. And the idea is that we get to find each other in this lifetime so that we can live the life we are truly destined to live. Now is the time to attract and manifest your soulmate. Don’t waste time on anybody else just because they make you feel good inside. Go for the one you really want.

With so much distrust in this world right now – and with all the craziness we are experiencing – it’s important we focus more clearly on loving ourselves and attracting the person who will love us back. We need to get the polarities in human beings back together and united. So make this the last year you are going to be single. And turn the day into something where you now give back to others.

I am available at any time to help you work through relationship issues as this is my specialty.


Love and Light,


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