Signs It’s Not Over – Break-ups

By Shannon: Once you’re on your love path, it’s important to follow your heart and not allow the negative thoughts to take over. Often people express happiness and joy to begin with and head over heels in love willing to do anything to keep the connection going and spending as much time with the loved one however then they come to a crossroads where the head will start to take over and find fault with the lover or romantic interest.

Small, trivial things become big things enough to want to break up over things that you wouldn’t normally mind become a reason to end things. This turning point has caused a lot of break ups and sometimes the people get  back other times the person is hurt and doesn’t want to race back to your arms after a breakup.


Not all breakup results in a long term break up, some signs of whether the breakup is permanent can be discussed as I do think some people don’t intend to stay away.

Signs it’s not over include: (please note the signs don’t mean immediate restart just that someone maybe not want to stay away).

1. The loved one or person still wants to interact with you this can result in calling or messages continuing on and off not totally ignoring you or non consistent talking.

2. The loved one at times still discusses the two of you or asks if you care, usually if someone doesn’t want back they won’t ask if you still care as they don’t care to ask.

3. The loved one still wants to follow thru with plans made before the breakup, this shows us they still want to be around. 

Now note that the loved one may not express at this point getting back as they aren’t ready, but I do think some of these signs maybe help to decide who still wants to get back and or cares and who is ready to not come back its not set in stone and some people are still around who don’t wish to resume a relationship but it’s better to know early so there is no time wasting.

Life goes on and so does love but it’s important to follow your heart back to the one you love if they want to get back too.

So, when you reach that first hurdle where you want to break up make sure you think it through as the person may not rush to come back.

The saying is the heart wants what it wants so small issues can be overcome but it’s important to stick to your deal breakers.

Thank you come and chat to our psychics to help you in your love life decisions.


Love and Light,


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