Signs It Is Over

By Rani: Here are the signs that your relationship is bound to be over:

Physical intimacy doesn’t appeal to you anymore

There have been several studies that have shown that couples who touch more often tend to be happier than those who do not touch very often. Massages, hand-holding, caresses, and hugs are just a few of the things that are available for you to experience. Despite the fact that physical intimacy isn’t always the main thing in a relationship, it is a good way to understand how the relationship develops over time. Your relationship stage is often revealed by the level of physical intimacy you experience with each other. When the physical intimacy of the relationship begins to wane, it is a clear indication that the relationship is on the verge of being terminated.


There’s no emotional connection

A healthy relationship relies heavily on the foundation of emotional intimacy as a means of connecting with each other. In other words, it is the feeling of closeness and connection that you have with another person. It is important to feel like your partner looks at you, hears you, and appreciates you, in order for you to feel right. By doing this, the relationship becomes more trusted and secure. When emotional intimacy begins to erode the connection between two people, it is often the end of the relationship.

Fantasizing about others

When you fantasize about others, it can lead to a negative perception of your partner and a tendency to act out. Having fantasies and acting on them are two very different things, but both of these are still tell-tale signs that a relationship may be ending. If we begin to fantasize about others, we will also start to have resentment towards our partner as they do not meet those fantasies of ours. Fantasies can be strong indicators of deeper psychological desires at times when you’re unhappy or yearning for something you are not currently getting in your relationship.

You don’t trust them

As a result of trust, you can be more open and generous in your relationship, which is crucial for the success of the relationship. The more you trust your partner, the more likely you are to forgive any shortcomings, or behaviors that irritate you, as long as you know that you can rely on them to take care of you in every situation.

The establishment of trust creates a strong bond and a solid foundation that can be built upon in the future. In order to feel safe and close to your partner, you need to know that you can trust him or her. The moment you trust one another, you feel safe knowing that your partner has your back and that you are able to count on them for comfort, care, and support when the going gets rough.


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