Should You Leave?

By Rani: All of us seek to find thrills in love, which is the ultimate adventure. In some cases, these bonds become strong and everlasting. In the eyes of others, it is a game of deceit and manipulation. Compatibility is what ultimately makes a relationship last.

We all carry darkness within us that keeps us from moving forward every day. Is it possible for you to turn each other’s darkness into light together? You can gain insight into your situation by asking yourself random questions from an outside perspective.

Is it possible for you both to inspire each other to a point where your minds can explore unknown territory? Are your frequencies mutually exclusive, or do they prevent one another from evolving? When you stop exploring, laughing, and feeling, you lose touch with yourself. To connect successfully, you must know yourself and what matters most to you. 


Examine your reflection in the mirror and ask yourself: “Should I leave?”. Have I stopped caring for myself? Do I have a dull complexion? Is my immunity weak and am I experiencing physical illness?

The following are some common signs to look out for. You should reevaluate what you value in your ideal partner if you are experiencing most of the following.


If you have no interest in repairing this bond, this is a tell-tale sign. In the presence of true love, we always strive to find a solution. Whenever you feel numb, you know this desire has left you.

No Spark:

In most cases, the spark has gone if you are no longer sexually craving your partner. If you don’t have any gas, you are like a lighter without a flame. Your sexual fire isn’t igniting between you two. It is possible to solve this problem by openly sharing your fantasies. Don’t forget that less can be more. Feeding each other and giving each other massages are examples of activities you can do together. Even whispering dirty things to each other. Sparks don’t have to be created by going all out.


Resentment indicates that you are not receiving gratitude from your person. For the relationship to stay afloat, this is extremely important. It is for this reason that each individual must always give 100%. Bonds will fail if both parties cannot mend when the other is unavailable.

No Communication:

This is really how it works. At this point, you’re not even friends if you’re not communicating. Keeping the passion alive requires communication.

Tip: Imagine your fantasy partner and write down every aspect of their personality. Take a moment to imagine the tone of their voice. Their hobbies that they enjoy participating in with you. The conversations you would have with them. This will give your heart, mind, body, and spirit a clearer picture of what you require in your ideal partner.

Having someone like this in your subconscious will allow you to attract them. Due to your increased awareness. In our attempts to give our all to someone, most of us are unaware of what it is we truly desire in someone.


Love and light,


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