September Tarotscope 2019

By Sarah: AQUARIUS – You are heading off on an adventure into the unknown with new beginnings ahead. You may feel somewhat out of your comfort zone at times, but just go with the flow of things. This is a month of new beginnings for you. A new chapter. Dream as big as you can and have the courage to walk through doors when they open for you. Don’t worry with petty issues that you need to deal with. Everything will work out perfectly.

PISCES – This is a month when you should be feeling a lot of love around you. Your Angels and Guides have got your back and are happy with the path that you are on. Take a step back to ensure that you know where you are heading and what goals you wish to achieve so that the Angels can help you get there. I see you feeling on top form and in control of your life going forward.

1sarah6 ARIES – You seem to be worried about things that are out of your control. Don’t let your worries get to you however – I see a solution coming very soon – out of the blue. This is something that you have wanted for a long time. Check around yourself in your social circle – something is not all that it seems. I see you’re feeling resentful about something – release and let go as it is not worth your energy.

TAURUS – Your mind is full of so many ideas but you need to limit them to just a few so that they get given the energy to manifest in your life. You have a creative mind for business and finance this month. Opportunities are going to start coming your way so keep a look out for them and then take action. Good fortune is favoring you.

GEMINI – You are feeling emotionally exhausted this month so do something exciting with your life to pick up your spirits. Your greatest wish can become a reality, so make sure you are focusing your energy on something that you are wanting not on something that you fear. You spend so much time caring for other peoples needs it is now time for you to focus on yourself.

CANCER – This is an excellent month for you where you will get lots of things done. I see some good fortune on the road ahead so stay positive and go for whatever it is that your heart desires. You have your roots in fertile soil and are now ready to start the next chapter of your life. You are moving forward with balance and speed in the right direction.

LEO – Something is bugging you this month from your past. You are asked to focus on business and finance rather than on emotional issues. There is something coming your way financially that will solve a major problem in your life. I see that the turning point for change is now and you need to let go of any bitterness or disappointments from the past as the change is now here.

VIRGO – This month for you is like a butterfly bursting out of a cocoon. New beginnings and a fresh new start is in store for you. This is a new journey and a new chapter of your life has begun. I see some amazing things happening this month to pick up your spirits. I see that you can venture forth without fear as you have a beautiful rainbow energy surrounding and protecting you.

LIBRA – This is a time to connect deeply with your soul and be still. Watch inspirational movies, read spiritual books – find out who you are on a deeper level and what it is that you are wanting out of life. There is growth under the surface of your life and you need to be full of energy when life truly kicks off again. I do see that you would benefit by bringing forgiveness into your life.

SCORPIO – You are going to be full of really positive energy this month so follow some of your dreams and don’t be shy. Your voice needs to be heard. I see that you will have many signs around you that the Angels are near – a feather on your path or maybe even double numbers on the clock. You may at times feel slightly emotional but this is simply your heart chakra opening to greater love.

SAGITTARIUS – Unfortunately, life moves ever so slowly at the beginning part of the month for you. Just breathe deeply and go with the flow. Time is only standing still because you need to regain your strength and energy is life is soon about to take off in a positive direction. Let go of what needs to be left in the past. I see business taking a step forward in a very positive direction.

CAPRICORN – Money is happening for you this month – success in business. You may even secure a loan of some kind. Either way this month will bring financial relief for you. It is also a good time for coming up with new marketing ideas at work. You may feel frustrated that things do not move more quickly but rest assured the present time of things is perfect.

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