Self Love And Appreciation Of Life

By Forreste: Many blessings to you and your path that brought you upon my article. You are being guided. I would love to share a beautiful quote with you: “Love is the greatest healing power I know. Love can heal even the deepest and most painful memories because love brings the light of understanding to the darkest corners of our hearts and minds.” – Louise Hay.

1forreste2 This loving ourselves and our SELF is like tending to hair. When we haven’t totally nourished our mind, body and spirit with the whole comb and shampoo, we can become tangled. We can get stuck in our tangles. We need regular maintenance of our SELF, re-connection with our body, total self love and acceptance of ourselves to SHINE.

Instead of letting the messy SELF hair continue to look that of a Neanderthal, take the action to love yourself– wash and cleanse your life, massage it, nourish it, love it! Put absolute love into all the areas it is needed. Understand that wherever you are right now, whatever point you are at, is exactly where you need to be.There are no wrong pathways. It is all lessons and opportunities to grow. You asked the universe for something! Now let it shift things in your life so it can create that for you. You are the creator! You can LOVE yourself now!

You are where you are and who you are for a reason!! We were all created completely different, on purpose. You bring your own individual contribution to the world. So don’t be afraid to be YOU! Our journeys are our own unique adventures and that is what makes them so beautiful. There is no comparison! It is time to LOVE you for YOU and make the most of YOUR life!

So when things feel like they are falling apart, know that they are only falling into place. Our appreciation for the polarity in our life changes our perspective with whatever is happening, giving us grace and resilience, allowing us to work through our worries and fears consciously. When we move through our challenges with awareness, we are given a greater sense of clarity and direction.

But we need to do the self work. We need to keep up the maintenance of loving and appreciating ourselves, our growth and taking the time to return to that place within which we can go to at any time. This helps us to come back to that feeling of acceptance of what is and remove our toxic thought patterns, anxieties or blockages that are stopping us from receiving the abundance we deserve.

Self love is allowing yourself to say no and conserving your energy. Self love is taking action, but being balanced by taking breaks. Self love is recognizing when there is an imbalance in your life and taking the steps for yourself towards re-alignment. Self love is letting go.

So release what is no longer serving you, make space in your life for delicious opportunities and open your arms wide to receive abundance, love, joy and infinite possibility. Life is meant for you to enjoy it. To LIVE is a blessing. So make sure you take that time for YOU. Become re-energized and revitalized by your own love of SELF, you were made to SHINE.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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