Saturn’s Karma Gift

By Edwina: On April 6 to August 25, Saturn is turning retrograde and moving backward through Sagittarius. So what does this mean for us? Well, it is important to recognise Saturn is the Lord of Karma, for those of us who want to harness this energy; this is a great opportunity to take control and cultivate discipline, patience and self-restraint.

edwina03 Remember though, karmic energy will play its part during this retrograde and is going to make us focus inside, going deeper into ourselves, past present and future. We will be able to look beyond situations presented to us and be reminded of our actions, good and bad. I am not an astrologer, but I do sit up and give attention to what is going on up in the planetary realm. As mentioned before, our focus will shift and go internal. We will want to clear out and sort out; we will find this is going to take on many facets in our lives, including relationships.

In this area of your life you will want to finally make that move to pull away from stagnant love and ‘draining’ relationships. Sometimes we find ourselves with others were quite clearly, things are one sided. When you do break away, it won’t be as hard as you thought! As the saying goes; to lose someone and find yourself means it is you who has won! On a health basis, you will notice that you will want to get healthier and eat right, maybe do some movement with your body, and be it yoga or exercise. Detox is certainly a key word to harness during this upcoming period. In the past it may not have happened, there is always something blocking our way. Where motivation and dedication may have faltered before, is now less likely to falter these next months. It will bring about change and we will it easy to follow through!

Now to career, we will start not putting up with doing more for less. We will feel we have a voice and can reject what we feel is not right for us and instead of just accepting what is offered, we will be able to tweak thing to how we want, while not stepping on anyone’s toes. The plans you have built up in your mind on those sleepless nights will start to become reality. We will manifest and will develop beyond our perceived potential. From the facet of spirituality; the pulling of spiritual energy will be strong and we may have to soul search to fully understand and recognise what is happening. If you are currently in a low place in life, then, this may not be the right time for this sort of self discovery. This might be what we want to do, but it would be much more beneficial to wait when we’re in a positive place and fully capitalise on another retrograde such as Saturn moving backward through Sagittarius.

Remember; Saturn is the Karma planet and it will get our karma on all levels. Because it is in retrograde it is going to help with past issues as well as present time, therefore enhancing and opening up to the future in a positive frame of mind will help heal and mend old wounds. Allow these next month’s to calm and allow Saturn to lend a helping hand and guide all of us through this period. If you are seeking answers, get in contact and we can clear the haze of confusion and find the right questions we should be asking.


Life and Love,


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