Remembering The Journey To Our Destiny

By Bridgette: As the Christmas season approaches each year, I want to send remembrances to my friends, family, associates etc.. The search begins with the perfect card that acknowledges my childhood roots in orthodox Christianity, the members of the community who have non-Christian beliefs, and those who celebrate the perfect nature of this solstice time of the year in other ways.

1bridgette2 After combing through endless Christmas trees, card displays of Santa and his reindeers, Christmas trees piled up high with gifts, nativity scenes, Angels playing celestial harps, winter wonders of snowmen, agonizing through my memories of Christmas and happy holidays; I inevitably come home with the three Magi following the STAR. This image encapsulates it all, and for our friends in Astrology, it connects us with an important part of our Astrological history.

According to the gospel of Mathew, the Magi (also known as the three wise men or the three Kings as in (Christian tradition)) were distinguished visitors, who came from the east bearing gifts of Frankincense, gold and myrrh to worship a child born under a certain star, who was king of the Jews, In fact Magi was the name of the Persian priesthood from Medea, who were well versed in the arts of Astrology and magic, having learned this wisdom from the renowned Chaldean and Babylonian priests when the Persian were overlords of Babylon in the 6th century BC.

I may well be the case that they were well aware of an upcoming Astrological configuration that would presage the birth of a child with a special destiny, that following a star, which when it stood still, would make a station in the sky that mark the place underneath on earth where the birth would occur. Astrologers have made countless speculations without any definite consensus as to which specific Astronomical event might have corresponded To the STAR of Bethlehem and the nativity of Jesus.

The power of this story to empower our imagination and to touch the heart and constellate the faith of many people over two Millennia. The traces of historical details uncover the role of ancient Astrologers to proclaim destiny from the Nativity, which is a central feature of the Christmas story.

Remembering all souls are born of “one” this SPIRIT lives within all Let love be your bliss, send forth to all, and wish for every soul to not be in pain-hunger-distress, whatever each of us can do to just spare a moment of thought wish substance (food, health, gifts), it all comes down to giving and receiving But the love in your heart for all sentient being would be the greatest gift you can share with all.

Let peace abound our planet, our world. Destiny is the story here for we all came to bear witness as to what the power of love can do. Bless all souls, I send love and light from the depth of my being to all that is and will be.


Namaste, Love and Light,


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