Relationships: To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?

By Sarah: When you come into this life, you have inherited karma from previous incarnations and of course your present life journey. If you become spiritually aware later in life (lets say around the age of 40) that’s quite a bit of karma that you have to consciously work through the remaining years of your new conscious life. In other words – life is already tough.

1sarah6 As you go through this spiritual shift, you may also find that some relationships got left in the past. Unless you have the courage, strength and prayer for your spouse to also evolve spiritually as you have, you may find that your marriage comes to an end. The vow was always UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART and spiritually you had died and have now become reborn. This should not be seen as an excuse to end your marriage – in fact, it should be a sign that your relationship should become stronger – but some people decide to walk away and start life all over again. It is certainly a sign of the times.

However, some people do not have the courage to walk out on their relationship or marriage, and in the heat of the moment they choose to have an affair. Or else they leave their marriage and go into one quick relationship after another.

I have spent much of my healing career that spans over 31 years trying to work out if humans are meant to be monogamous or whether marriage was just a man made contract to link people together – initially so that the man would have ownership over a woman. And I have studied hundreds of situations where humans have multiple love and sexual partners and how this choice directly affects their karmic life path – usually not for the better. As a psychic it is my job to pick up the entrails of someones life and help them put the pieces back together towards the Light.

I have undoubtedly come to the decision that we are meant to find that one person who we can work through our life issues and have someone witness our life. This is the one person that we are here to create new humans in the future ahead and to work as a team as we consciously carve out our life plan using our positive thoughts. However, in this present lifetime as we move closer to the Age of Aquarius, many humans are experiencing multiple lifetimes in one lifetime – we are evolving constantly. This is why some marriages and relationships break up and in one life time we can have three or four soulmate partner connections.

When you are involved with someone emotionally and sensually, energetic cords come out of our heart and sacral center and connect with the other person’s energy centers. When we take our vows at the marriage ceremony, we acknowledge absolute honesty between the two of us and that all loving and sensual thoughts will be directed to your chosen spouse only. Vows of commitment are said, including being together in sickness and in health and for richer or poorer. We also agree to forsake all others. And we take an oath before God and in front of the wedding guests. The wedding guests are there to be witnesses and to help the couple on their journey through life together.

If you throw an extra-marital affair into the mix, you almost double the rate of the karma effect. Life becomes way more complicated. The affair initially starts because two people suddenly find a light shining between the two of them even though they are married or are in a committed relationship. The animal instinct kicks in and – unless there is a fundamental spiritual strength within each person to keep control and hold back – the two people succumb to the bedroom together.

From here on, life is an adventure of secrets. But it is also an adventure into emotional pain. The emotional pain you are causing to your spouse by keeping this life hidden, comes back to you ten times harsher because of the trust that you should have between you. You can’t explain it to a psychiatrist, a mother, a sibling or even a friend. The only place you can discuss the emotional turmoil is to a psychic or a spiritual healer. It makes my heart bleed when I feel the confusion and turmoil of some of my client’s energies who are involved in an extra-marital affair. Because the one easy fix to solve all of life’s complications would be to end the affair with immediate effect.

This does not mean the end of the relationship in the affair. It just means you are standing back and getting a grip on your life and focusing your intent. Why complicate life with all this karmic baggage? Why not crack yourself open, take control of your life, work out what you want – and then go for it! Just live a life of honesty.

But spreading yourself between two people means that you are mixing up the energy cords that connect you all. This is not fair on the other unsuspecting spouse who is now inadvertently also connected with the other person in the affair.

So if you are in an affair, and your life seems to be getting out of control and your emotional energy centers are being pushed backward and forward, consider being strong and ending the affair or at the very least bring an end to your marriage. Your life will become far easier to maintain if you are not cheating on someone you are married to or in a long-term relationship with.


Love and Light,


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