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By Sarah: So many of my clients come to me having issues with their relationships and I have some quick fix ways to solve the main relationship issues that you may have in life. Here are the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about their Relationship concerns.

If you are asking yourself this question it is because your soul is picking up a vibrational flutter from the future and your soul mate is already out there looking for you! The Universe has given you a fishing rod, but it’s up to use it – go out there and start socializing where you can, or join an online dating site or get to know new people on social media. The world has been on lockdown for a couple of months now, which has unnaturally prevented soulmates from meeting up with each other – so now that Lockdown is starting to simmer down and people can once again socialize there are going to be huge numbers of single humans meeting up and being totally in love with a powerful soulmate connection. So, if wanting your soulmate to find you is of paramount importance I would certainly gauge that this meeting is only months away. I see many, many happy couples celebrating New Year together as a happy and committed couple. So yes, there is hope and no, you won’t be alone forever and now is the time to go actively looking.


So many people – especially work colleagues (because the two individuals spend so much time together) – get attracted to someone even though they are married and with a family. But boy oh boy there are some bad dogs out there and for the most part a man wanting to have an affair will woo the single lady and afterwards have a huge pang of guilt and return to his spouse. This can leave a woman feeling ugly, rejected, guilty and very sad. But for no longer! Hold your head up high girlfriend and know you are very special and much loved by the Angels. If this man is playing double fiddle and leading you on but staying with his wife insisting that they do not have any form of intimacy – don’t believe him. In 99% of all cases if he is still staying with his wife and has to hide you then they are still being intimate. My advice to you if you want him to make a decision between you and his spouse – pull your energy back and know the inner power that you have. Don’t contact him, don’t message him and if he messages you only open the message at least ten minutes after he has sent it. You need to make this man look at his life and work out who he is happier with – you or his spouse. Don’t go chasing him as that makes life too easy as he can then have you and his spouse and the only one being hurt is you and the only one being satisfied is him. That is not how it works. You are a beautiful creation of the Universe and you certainly deserve more than crumbs from the table and months and weeks of broken promises. By staying away from him and breaking the addiction that you have for his loving energy. Just stand back and let him feel the void in his life with you not being so easily around. He will soon start to wake up as to who is meaningful in his life and he will either choose you or decide to walk away. If he does walk away, then karmically you have done the right thing by pulling back and in my experience, it is then that your true soulmate (who will be single) will walk into your life and you will be loved for evermore. If he chooses you then he will move out of the home he shares with his spouse and the two of you will have no need to hide your relationship from anyone. Women are far more intuitive than men – it is in our genetic make up to be creative and intuitive, and sometimes men need a push or shove by using silence as a way for him to realise what the truth is in his life. The scent of a woman that a man loves can get a man to move mountains so if he is stringing you along use your inner power and your silence to make a stand.

The first question I always ask is if there is any communication and how long ago did you break up. This is because sometimes the woman or the man is so heartbroken about the ending of the relationship that they lose control of their emotions and bombard the other person with pleading or accusing messages – which results in them being blocked on social media, phone calls and also text messages. This can make someone feel heartbroken. When you take a break from a spouse or a loved one it does not mean the end. In fact, most times both individuals – once they take time out to focus inwards and work on themselves instead of fiercely blaming the other one, they will find that the love the couple once had redevelops and a deeper loving experience happens and the couple comes back together stronger and happier than they ever were before. So if your partner moves out and you think it’s the end of the world – don’t contact them. Let them also sit in silence. Let them miss your presence in their life, this may take two weeks at first for them to really miss you, but however bad the arguments were in the past, they will find an excuse to contact you because they are missing the energy connection that you have between each other. If you keep contacting them and messaging them – how are they ever going to miss you and realise how much they actually love you? I usually advise my clients to have a break of three months if they really want to heal their broken relationship, but most of them only last a couple of weeks and they then get back together. I have walked this path myself so I know how very hard it can be not to be in contact – but it really works in allowing you both the space to find out who you are and untangle yourself from any negativity that was coming between the two of you. When your partner does contact you – don’t fire off a million questions or bring up the past and start arguing. Remember this is a fresh new beginning for you. Become best friends again, listen to what the other person is saying. Make them feel good, make them laugh. In no time at all you guys will certainly be back together and this can work whether you have been together for two years or 50 years.

I am finding that in 2020 and beyond, many people are suddenly finding their twin flame – the person who completes them on every level and makes them a better person when they are in their lives. This can be difficult when you are already in an unhappy marriage (as your soulmate has taught you everything you needed to learn from them) and then suddenly fresh on the scene, out of the blue your twin flame arrives! Do not judge the process or wonder why – as we near the Age of Aquarius, twin flames are finding their other half at work, online, across countries, across genders. It is a fascinating journey to watch so make sure if you are wanting to settle down with someone they check all the right boxes.

They appreciate you.
They boost your self esteem.
You become a better person.
You know each others thoughts.
You can feel them when they are not around you.
The connection between you is like a magnet.

If you have to ask a psychic if your partner is THE ONE, then I suggest you wait a bit before moving in together or getting married as they may certainly not be the one and your lack of patience or confidence in waiting for THE one will result in you meeting your true twin flame in years to come.

If you have any relationship issue, soulmate or twin flame connection that you need clarity on please pop in for a Reading with me. You get four minutes free and I am quick and to the point and there is not a story I have not heard and sorted out effectively.


Love and Light,


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