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By Sofia: Dating is an area of life that everyone experiences very differently, but during my journey as an intuitive relationships coach I found that everything starts from our perception, self-awareness and beliefs around relationships. 

Usually a new love or a heartache is what brings you here. You seek guidance and advice on how things will turn out this time.

 “Is this time true love or another disappointment?” you ask. 


You want to know the truth of how the future will unfold, and you deserve it after all!  

As your soul yearns for growth and deep intimate connection with a significant other, there are valuable lessons to be learned. Lessons not only about how to have a healthy, loving and lasting relationship, but most importantly lessons about your own personal power. 

You hold the power of your happiness in your heart, and the more you fine-tune your own vibration about your perceptions and beliefs around yourself and love, the closer you are to your true soulmate. 

That said, before you embark on your next love quest, or try healing an existing relationship is important to check where you stand. Your beliefs, ideas and feelings about your love life shape your reality! This is what defines the outcome of any situation you are in!

The first step to having fulfilling relationships is self-awareness and understanding; knowing yourself and being open and true to your feelings. It can be a very enlightening process observing the insecurities and fears arising within you when you are romantically involved with a person! 

We all have some past bad experiences around relationships and dating that make us feel less, instead of operating from an empowered place of an open heart. Acknowledging that, is a good starting point to improve your relationship with yourself and your lovers.

Overcoming fear of abandonment, limiting self-worth beliefs and your willingness to love without attachments are the most common barriers holding you back from experiencing lasting mind-blowing intimate relationships!

So if you have been wondering… 

“How do I break free from the bad love karma?” 

or “Why an expansive and powerful experience such as the love for another can’t get stronger, deeper and unconditional?” 

Instead of asking…

“What is going to happen?”

“What is he thinking?” 

“Is he coming back?”

Best ask questions such as: 

“In what ways can I invite true love in my life?” 

“How do I break free from disappointment? How do I heal?”

“Why attract unavailable men?”

True love is never about another. It is always about finding true love in who you are. You create the perfect partner within you. Always remember that! 


Love, Light and Healing, 


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