Red Flags

By Isabella: I get calls every day from women and men too, who ask me about someone they are dating. Many begin with tales of romance and how quickly they hit it off and then begin to lower the boom. Often sex has led the relationship and yet the majority of them are seeking long term relationships. I am always flabbergasted when they tell me the guy/girl has suddenly gone silent on them after a few short, hot weeks of pounding the sheets.

Every day I speak with people having long distance relationships whether in distant countries or hundreds of kilometers away, they are always surprised when it burns out. I speak with women and men who suspect their partner is cheating only to find they are cheating and men/women who pine over a person who shows little to no interest in them. Red flags. 

Red flags can be bold and brazen or subtle and obscure but if they are there, if you see even small ones, it is wise not to ignore them and get in deeper than your heart will handle. We do it every day, override our common sense, our intuition or obvious signs.


In extreme cases it can get you killed like so many young people who accept a ride from a stranger or go to a boy’s apartment on the first date only to wind up the lead story on the nightly news. In mild cases it can undermine your sense of security or trigger feeling rejected or other emotions like insecurity. In most cases, it breaks your heart in the end. Red flags are the universal way of guiding you, trying to boldly display when your path is out of alignment. While some relationships will survive the person’s red flags, statistically most do not. People often get impatient waiting for the “right” partner and ignore those tell-tell signs attempting to warn them. They push to get their way instead of exercising patience or they take the matter into their own hands, set their sights on someone and go in for the kill. 

There is a divine timing to every relationship, even the karmic ones. It is up to you to decipher which ones are healthy, which ones are karmic and which ones are temporary or even toxic. While as a psychic I can help you navigate the isles of which is what, those red flags are your first indicator and you should be paying close attention to anyone you fancy.

If a potential mate lives in another country and you had no plans to move to that country before you met them, RED FLAG. The universe will never put a potential permanent, relationship partner far away from you. The universe simply doesn’t work like that and neither do soul groups, soul mates and twin souls unless they are absolutely not intended to come together in this lifetime. 

If a potential mate is into you for a week or two then suddenly the texts become fewer and fewer and he begins to ghost you or reply days later, RED FLAG.

If a potential mate tells you they are “going” to get or are getting a divorce, RED FLAG. Most of the time they are lying and even if they are telling you the truth you will still be a rebound girl/guy and consider that you are starting a new relationship off with ugly beginnings. Most divorces are painful and messy and that ick will fall on you.

If a potential mate tells you they still want to see other people but are into you, RED FLAG. Most know when they meet the person of their dreams and will stop seeing others immediately.

If a potential mate tells you they are just busy working or haven’t had time to call, RED FLAG. Statistics show that most of them are engaging in deception of some kind. 

If a potential mate is flirting with others in social media or commenting on their posts often, RED FLAG.

If a potential mate contacts you in private message and it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! RED FLAG!

If a potential partner treats wait staff at a restaurant or pub badly, RED FLAG!

If a potential partner does not want to meet your friends or family, BIG RED FLAG!

There are so many more red flags than what I’ve listed and it is up to you to pay attention to your gut feeling. If it doesn’t sound like truth, if it doesn’t feel like it’s real, it probably isn’t.

If you’d like to know more on how to detect red flags or if I can help you discover how to attract the love of your life, get in touch with me, I’d love to speak with you! I’ve been helping people heal emotionally, grow spiritually and live their best life for nearly 30 years. Give me a call. 

Blessings, Love and Light,




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