Red Flags In Dating This 2023

By Shannon: Hi! Welcome to 2023, let the positive energy of the rabbit year flow over you and lift your frequency till you feel very light.

I want to talk about some words used as dating terms, but first before I explain the words I want to say that most of these actions have been around for years and they just didn’t have words or terms attached to it.

1. “Ghosting”, What is it and why are people doing it?

Ghosting is when you have maybe been interacting happily with someone then they stop pursuing you or just stop talking at all, they are now a ghost from the past only there in memories.

Why people ghost.


Well, in this day and age with technology its easy to delete or block someone you can’t do this in person, but you can ghost and just not talk to them. This is an easy form to stop the conversations, some ghosts return then they become a zombie.

2.  Zombies

This is when someone vanishes then suddenly returns as though nothing had occurred like they never left. Asking a dating zombie where they went after they talked for weeks then vanished only to reappear as though no time passes usually results in them acting like they didn’t vanish or getting upset at the questions. Zombies tend to talk and talk and get in closer talking about the future with you and sometimes even making plans, then simply vanish or stop replying only to reappear later like some zombie.

Where did they go?

Actually nowhere, they just maybe got overwhelmed with the connection and needed time out then wanted to resume where they left off. Sometimes the zombie returns to try and make some more plans and sometimes follow thru old plans made so there is an intention there for more love but just have to learn to be more consistent and not disappear.

3.  Love bombers
People who tend to overdo the connection at the start then maybe can’t keep it up or expect the same back from you they tend to overwhelm with maybe love or gifts then drop off suddenly as they can’t keep the pace up or expect the same back.

4. Technolovers
Messaging through text, facebook, tiktok, twitter, and other social media platform, but fail to make a date in person. Some of it maybe fear, but I do think they can do more than just messages.

What to do? Just find out what you want and stick to it, write a list if you want to and sleep on it. Knowing what you want helps to weed out these ghosts, zombies and love bombers faster and get to the true love you need, talk to one of our trusted psychics for your true love direction.


Love and Light,


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