Predictions November 2017 – December 2020

By Susan: One way to receive reality is to observe it in dimensions outside of that which many call the third dimension and others call reality. For example, one can see our web of consciousness and feelings creating fascinating structures, like a web of lines of awareness, the one dancing with the other in an ever changing flow. Sometimes in our history, these lines have been more settled, making life more predictable. This is not such a time.

Destiny is not, particularly in a time like this, set in stone. We live in a time of change and revelation, of brake down of belief systems and a constant questioning of the nature of reality and the purpose of life.

susan2 With that said, one can observe stronger lines within the awareness web, a result of choices, beliefs and feelings shared by many. One could also call it floods within a sea of consciousness. Some of those are very strong, fired up by passion. All in all this makes our collective experience possible to observe and predict, even in these times. Based on this, I make the following predictions for November 2017 – December 2020:

Right now, some are afraid of a new World War, so let me start with sharing that this is out of the question. However, in certain regions, armed conflicts will continue or worsen. In these, involvement by the worlds super powers will intensify. New outbursts of local wars in areas that are already scenes of diplomatic conflict are highly likely.

A global economic war is already taking place and will intensify in 2019. This will cause a kind of economical crisis. However, the big breakdown of the economical system which some fear and others hope for will not happen. There will be extensive effects, particularly for people with investments in the stock markets. Interestingly enough it seems like this will affect the rich more than the poor.

It is not a good time for risky business. Long term, well considered investment is recommended, particularly in sustainable businesses and ideas, as well as purchase of property and land. Considering the latter, please do consider the likelihood of environmental disasters before purchase.

Unfortunately, intense environmental disasters like the ones that we have experienced during 2017 (wild fires, hurricanes, floods) will continue and contribute to economical and personal challenges.

The richest 1% of the worlds population, or rather 0,1%, will continue to evade taxes and governmental control. It will become more and more obvious what tools, which people and institutions they use to steer the developments of world affairs and politics. Their influence will become more and more obvious as some of them will act as if the rest of the human population does not exist or have no power to speak of. Others in this group are already realizing that this is a dangerous path, but it is a path of action that has been put into place many years ago and it will continue to unfold like an unstoppable storm. Neither the opinions nor actions by certain individuals within these circles will be able to stop this. Their power will continue to be real and feel able, but at the same time, it will start to diminish – like a pyramid who’s base it withering away.

Disclosure of formerly hidden, destructive political agendas, as well as corruption and many forms of abuse by as well individuals as groups, companies, organizations and political associations, will continue and grow fast. Many of the more efficient of these disclosures will be published or enacted by using means that are within the law. A considerable amount of these will interestingly enough be coming from individuals and groups who normally would be considered weak or seen as having no or little influence on the affairs of the world. Combined, these events will have wide reaching effects our collective consciousness and fields of opinion. Towards 2020 it will also start having larger practical effects than many might expect.

There will be individuals, organizations as well as certain actors within the financial sector, acting with high values and good intentions, who will win law suits and other victories, one after the other. This will turn into a larger flood of change than one could believe when looking at each event. Furthermore there will be an acceleration in growth of media sources outside of the large channels.

Emotional strain and conflicts between groups and world views will intensify. Individuals might experience growing inner floods of emotional outburst and be plagued by fatigue, but there is also large potential for healing. Many relationships, as well romantic as with family and friends, will go through challenges, changes or even really hard times. Some couples and singles might on the other hand find love in ways that are beautiful beyond words and deeply sacred. These kinds of relationships will have large effect on our entire collective through the energy that they spread throughout the world.

On a personal level many will experience huge changes in life, although some might experience these changes on the inside rather than on the outside. It is a very good time to ask oneself:
– What do I really want and who am I, on a deep level.

Since many humans on Earth are already asking that question, a considerable amount are even truly acting upon the answers that they have found, a lot of helping forces from other dimensions and states of existence have been inspired, many are already here and more are coming. At the same time, multidimensional abusive forces are intensifying their efforts and control systems. There is however, and this is important, right now a big chance to bring these abusive forces down – both in the physical and ethereal realms.

This is truly an excellent time to walk your talk and the path of the heart. Inner and outer change, large or small, in the direction of love, compassion, honor, impeccability and respectful behavior will be rewarded faster than usual.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a moment in history when most life paths are not set in stone. It is a time of deep and intense transformation. Many might experience quite a bumpy ride.

A heartfelt recommendation from me is to always check where your joy is telling you to go and even if I talk about joy, I mean this seriously. Joy is a deep signal from the soul, the spirit and the divine which, when allowed to flow, has the potential to heal your body and mind. It is important to check that the joy comes from the heart, not only from the head. Even very depressed people, or individuals experiencing a truly rough day, can feel this joy, in short moments. One simply has to breathe, listen and trust that spark of inspiration, no matter how small or strange it might seem.


With deep love,


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