Powerful Whispering Of New Beginnings

By Edwina: Samhain is upon us and it offers an opportunity to follow your heart’s desires. Witches, Wiccans, Druids and other Pagans all take advantage of seasonal changes, to help empower and manifest positive change in their lives. Why not give it a try yourself?

1edwina2 Every 31st of October eve, to 1st of November eve, the celebration of Samhain arrives. This is not to be confused with Halloween, although the origins of Halloween is directly connected to Samhain. It is a time for letting go and looking ahead to new horizons. In the dark silence of winter, whisperings of new beginnings are all around us and the seeds of potential are ready to be sewn.

If we can reflect on nature’s cycle of life, death and rebirth, it becomes apparent those worries and those we loved long ago, no longer hold power in our lives. Samhain is, therefore, a celebration of the start of a whole new cycle and therefore is like our spiritual new year. By letting go of what has no relevance, we make room for what we want to come into our lives.

It is said traditionally, two bonfires would be built, side by side and those celebrating would walk between the fires, as a ritual act of purification. Today similar acts can be observed, but usually involving people writing their negative behaviors or regrets on a piece of paper and throwing it onto a fire. It is believed this ritualistic act helps to heal old wounds and move on to new pastures. So perhaps write down your fears, worries or bad habits on a piece of paper. Taking appropriate safety measures, set it alight this October 31st eve, and create a new room in your life for new things. Whether it be for new love, new health or new wealth, there is no harm in focusing your desires in alignment with the seasonal changes which are occurring.

During this celebration, it is said spirits have precedence over the mundane world. The veil which separates the living from the dead will be at its thinnest at this time of year. By building altars to honor deceased loved ones and ancestors or merely placing a photo of someone passed over, will bring them closer to you during this time. It is, therefore, very much a celebration of loved ones who have passed over. So welcome them in, even if it was a pet you lost. Maybe light a candle in their honor and as a beacon for them to find you. Because the veil is so thin during this time, it is also a powerful time to use divination. Whether you use Tarot, read palms or any of the other countless methods out there, this is a good time to practice and foresee future events. If you do not practice divination, but have wondered about getting a reading from a psychic, then this is the most powerful and ideal time of the year to do it. You are welcome to contact me if you feel there is a connection, otherwise, make sure whoever you do choose, it feels right and true to your soul.


Blessings to you who read this, and blessings to everyone, on this approaching night of transformation.

Love and Light,


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