Opening The Door Of Love

By Edwina: Meeting someone for the first time can be like trying on a new pair of shoes. Even if they appear to fit, they might not feel right or may not look how you had wanted, let alone worth showing off to any friends or family.. it might not be love at first sight as we had hoped for. But how should we act when we feel a kinship with another sole/soul?.. that moment when our inner voice is shouting out ‘I know you!’ Yet ego will always endeavors to shed doubt.

Thanks to ego, we all have our own respective thought patterns, carved into our own tree of life, on a pointed blade of past experience and sharp reminders of pain and happiness. This of course, has been fashioned not only by you but by those around you. We cannot help the outside influences we have been subjected to from an early age, by parents and upbringing. It is this conditioning which can control who we become attracted to, for the ego likes to play it safe and stick with familiarity. Now this could be a good thing, if things in the past have been good but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect Eden and most us have felt some form of suffering/sadness in our lives. Lets also not forget any potential baggage we may have carried across from past lives! This could attribute to loving the same soul for a millennia yet not truly finding who our real soulmate is!

So how do we fix this?
1edwina2 Breaking down ‘the door of ego’ with brute force will only harm ourselves. For whether we like it or not, ego is a part of you and does serve a purpose. It is our survival instinct and has existed since the beginning of woman and man, keeping us alive in threat of danger perhaps from creatures from a lost world. Therefore, we must remember, ego is like scales of judgement weighing up the present moment asking us questions; is it time to fight for what we want?.. or is it time for flight, away from a bad situation? This is also why your ego likes to play it safe, it thinks it is protecting you but this sort of protection can lead to stagnation in one’s life; for we might always be running away from the ‘door’ and not giving things a chance to grow or we’re staying put, behind the ‘door’ not risking the possibility of better things to be found outside! The key to unlocking the door and walking through lies squarely with you! Take a long hard look at yourself and the relationships/experiences you have shared in your life and ask the following..

Are there any patterns in situations which have arisen?
Compare your ex’s with one another, is there a reoccurring theme, are they similar?
Is there anything in your past which reminds you of what you are experience now?
Am I happy or unhappy right now?
When was I at my happiest and most unhappiest in my life?

If you can answer these questions honestly and truthfully to yourself, then congratulations!.. you are now mentally holding the key to the door in your hand. If you are unsure or your answers have left you feeling uncomfortable, please do not worry! If you feel a decision needs to be made or wish to further understand, if you should open the ‘door’, I would recommend meditation. Meditation is a great way to harmonizing the mind, body and and spirit, and is ever growing in popularity! It is also a tool the American Armed forces are starting to employ with their troops and therefore should not be stereotyped to just Buddhist monks and tree hugging hippies! For this reason I will share a meditation with you now, which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

1) Preferrably lie down in comfortable clothing, in a quiet environment.
2) Now close your eyes and breath deeply through your nose, taking the soft air all the way down, imagining it touching the very bottom of your spinal cord.
3) Hold it for a moment and release through mouth, imagining anything weighing you down leaving your body. Repeat this 5 times.
4) On the final breath, continue to breath gently through your nose and begin to feel lighter. Notice this sensation in your toes and follow it up slowly through your entire body.
5) Once you feel ready, visualise the centre of the earth which is holding you in place by a long line of cord.
6) Imagine yourself like a ballon floating from this cord and ask for the cord to start unreeling slowly, allowing you to float upward steadily.
7) Now visualise your non-physical self rising up gently through the roof, above the trees and above the clouds. Take your time and immerse yourself in this relaxed experience.
8) When you feel you’re as high as you need to go, ask for the cord to hold tight and remain floating in your present destination above the clouds.
9) Take another deep breath and ask the question which is on your mind. Ask for resolve to your situation.
10) Now remain where you are, feel the qestion leaving you, focus on your breathing and listen to silence.
11) When you are ready, ask for the cord to reel you back to earth slowly and comfortably.
12) Once you reach the ground, pledge thanks to earth and universe and open your eyes. When you are ready to get up, go and a glass of fresh water to drink.

By doing this exercise you will share your questions with the universe, which will set the wheels in motion to resolving your question you might have. Remember, unlocking the door is voicing your fears, doubts and worries with others. Walking through the door, is taking action. If you find meditation unhelpful, you must find someone who you can confide in and trust. If you there is no one you can confide in, then please give me a call and together we will find resolve and new balance in your life.




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