On Love

By Isabella: Love is the food which brings humans together and must be marinated to increase the aroma, flavor, texture and color of this nourishing delicacy. Love blended with kindness produces a buffet which feeds masses. Love poured into a pot of despair, restores the flavor and like chicken soup, heals. Love is the ingredient which acts as a conduit for more love to come, for love begets more love.

isabella5 How you wield love, how you extend it to others determines how it returns to you. If you give love with the expectation of getting something back, you attract limited love and love that has an agenda. You attract people who will use you for what they can get because you sent out the energy of usury. Expectations and usury are similar energy and produce in very similar ways. If you give love with no expectation of getting something back, you attract those who are generous, giving and unconditional in their love. When you give love selflessly, to help, uplift, enlighten or serve another, the purest form of love returns to you.

Many of you want great love yet give limited love or love that is not of the same measure you are seeking. You get what you give. Look at yourself and the quality of love you extend to others. Do you only extend it to those you love? Do you only give love if someone gives it back? Do you give it to get something for it? All these are factors to what you are drawing and the kind of date or mate you are attracting.

Give love to your partner and watch how it spreads like a contagion, see how it melds you closer together and binds you with its light. Give love to a stranger and watch how your lot increases, for love given that is not returned simmers in the universe and pours out on the sender, in the most unexpected ways.

Love calls you to the fire that you may yield to its warmth It chars your ego so you may be free from mis-perception. Love makes fear ashen that you may rise like a phoenix from the embers where new life begins and the open heart may dance in its all engulfing splendor. Love seeks not to land at one destination but rather seeks to give you wings that you may soar into the land that time forgot.
Love cannot be the anchor or the savior or the comfort for your soul. Love cannot replace the loss of a house, a friend or a loved one. Love cannot give you what you do not have; it cannot keep you warm at night or kiss away the fears. For love to thrive it must be free to dance, it must be light to flow, it must be deep to saturate, it must be cocooned in a higher walk with Spirit. It must be flexible and bend and sway the way the Spirit flows it must be draped in courage. For love is the essence of your being and seeks only to merge back into the fabric and breath of your wholeness. Like a moth to the flame, it seeks to reunite with the familiar womb from whence it came.

When love finds you surrender all of yourself to it. Care not if your love is returned for it is in giving that love continues to encircle you and everything in your life. Care not about the outcome; simply embody love, give yourself over to it. Love with every ounce of your being poured out with great abandon. Love seeks nothing but to fulfill itself, let it be fulfilled in you, the endless vessel. The blessing that comes from extending unconditional love, is the simple knowing you gave with all your heart and giving of yourself is not only your purpose, it is the reason you were created. That is purest delivery of love.


Happy Valentines Day!

Love and Light,


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