New Year, New Connections, New You.

By Edwina: Happy new year to you all, I hope the future will bring you everything you desire and wish for. What we can certainly expect in 2019, are driver-less vehicles taking over the roads in the United States, new technology re-imagining the works of old masters such Leonardo Da Vinci and flights around the world dropping in price due to newer and bigger airports opening up.

1edwina2 It’s great knowing what’s round the corner, but we cannot plan the unplanned. Unwanted events will inevitably impact people every year! Indonesia sadly has demonstrated how cruel events in life can be. Like the two-faced Roman god Janus, looking both forward and behind, we cannot change what has happened, only reflect and react, and the future is covered by a veil, the only perceivable to those gifted with ancient knowledge and natural psychic ability. Interestingly the month January derives from the god named Janus. More to the point, this notion of looking at the past and the future is a universal human response. Our new years resolutions may not always pan out, but our intent is always for self betterment and essentially what new years eve truly represents is a benchmark of human survival and being thankful for being alive.

Time is precious.

Imagine for a moment, the year ahead is represented by the first 12 days of the year (each day symbolizing a month of the year, in chronological order). How will you spend these 12 days? What if I told you; your actions within these first 12 days will impact the rest of the year for you? Perhaps you would be more attentive in your social interactions, more giving to those in need and more forgiving of those who don’t know any better. In some spiritual circles there is strong belief in this very ideal! I am not saying it is something I believe, nor am I telling you to believe in it. What I can tell you; is after round about the first 12 days of the year, most of us will have broken our new years resolutions! It’s an easy prediction, I know. So why do we excel at failing at what we know we will benefit from? Maybe it’s because what we demand of ourselves won’t necessarily be easy and perhaps unpleasant. That’s true but there is more to it and it all comes down to survival again.

Be in the moment.

Committing to a promise, even for a moment, will give us all a sense of control over our lives! Yet deep down, as newspapers report stories of disaster and disappointment, we are reminded of how out control and delicate life is! If our days are numbered, then what’s the point some might say, but we must remind ourselves; darkness can only exist where there is light and vice-versa. There is good in the world if we seek it and everything is open to interpretation; we must see the cup as half full and never half empty. So this new year, reflect on the past, take stock of what worked and what didn’t. Assess and resolve how we can do better moving forward. Sharing in moments of retrospection with others is rare, it is our connection with others which matters most. What better time of year exists in sharing in the moment other than new years eve!

Building your future.

Finally, for those determined to fulfill their new year resolutions, just remember; eternal control of our fates is a fable, just as building a house with one brick is impossible! Therefore take heed; short-term goals are more powerful and attainable than long-term goals. A house is built with one brick at a time, so build your future with one small goal at a time. To counter the weight of conviction with commitment and to gain clear insight into your future, get in contact with a psychic. There are many in the world today, waiting to help and guide you on your journey. If you feel a connection to me, then get in contact and I will help you with your goals and give you your predictions for 2019. Let’s see what the future holds for you!


Love and Light,


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