New Ways Open New Beginnings

By Isabella: New beginnings are a time of wonder and transformation and like a child first waking to the world, there are a thousand ways or more to shift your own personal paradigm. The heralding in of a New Year should be treated like you are entering the University of your dreams for the first time. Careful thought and deliberation, pondering, dreaming, planning and journaling everything you want to create in this forthcoming year, are useful but introspection, mindfulness and meditation are the greatest tools to achieve the life you want.

isabella2 Perfect outcomes are not the ultimate goal and while the outcome is important, the real foundation for change is using your passion, your mind and your spiritual center to realign yourself to the highest plan for your life…the one you as a soul, wrote with your guides and Spirit before you returned as a newborn in this lifetime. You see, every person on the planet without exception has divined their own path or chosen the roads they wish to travel and the issues they want to heal or master, including negative karma. So too can you change the master plan at any time.

But too often we focus solely on our own personal microcosm and forget that it is in giving and serving that our success is assured. You’ve heard the adage, “It is better to give than to receive” and a new year is a great bridge between getting what you want and need while giving what others want and need.

I have listed a few ways to help yourself by helping others in 2018 and sincerely hope you will try even a few of them as your heart expands and your mission extends to the great good for all.

• Take time every day taking pictures of spontaneous moments happening in the world around you, not of you.
• Take time every day or at least a few times a week in nature, seek it out and go there to absorb the beauty, breath in the fresh air.
• Take time every day counting your blessings, your morning shower is a great time to do that.
• Take a little time eating anything you want and delight in the rich foods of the earth. For at least one day don’t judge yourself for what you are eating. Food has no power over you unless you attach a belief to it.
• Take an hour or two a week doing absolutely NOTHING…just breathe.
• Take a little time each week to call everyone you love and express your love and gratitude for them.
• Spend one hour a week volunteering at an animal shelter, a kids or cancer wing of the hospital, soup kitchen, or elderly home.
• Spend one hour a week doing something silly, watching something funny, LAUGH AS HARD AS YOU CAN!
• Take the time to talk to your neighbors and connect more with them.
• Spend a little time creating something by hand, a card, a cake, art, music, a dance, etc. GET CREATIVE.
• Take a little time every week to let go of something you no longer need, material or emotional.
• Spend one hour a week standing naked in front of a mirror and saying “I AM BEAUTIFUL & I FULLY EMBRACE MYSELF”.
• Spend one hour a week journaling your emotions, pour them out on paper then close the book.
• Spend one hour a week visualizing and energizing your dreams.
• Spend one hour a week forgiving yourself for poor choices made.
• Spend one hour a week trying something new.
• Spend one hour a week focusing solely on your needs and being good to yourself.
• Spend one hour a week doing something nice to help a total stranger.
• Spend one hour a week OFF of all DEVICES, computers, phones, iPod, and television.
• Spend one hour a week evaluating what you could have done differently to affect a higher solution, and then use it.
• Spend one hour a day total time meditating.

Remember that what you are putting into the world and how much energy you pour into it determines your own level of light and joy. Make it count in 2018!


Wishing you a blessed and beautiful holiday season and a brilliant and meaningful 2018!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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