Mercury Retrograde October-November 2019

By Angelica: Mercury retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year for approx. 24 days. They are normally associated with communication and technology breakdowns, anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. It’ll be from October 31 to November 20, 2019.

Mercury rules things such as post offices, computers, phones, transport and communication in many forms and will have more of an impact on anything that relies on these processes to operate smoothly. When Mercury goes retrograde (or looks like it is moving backwards), the processes we rely on can wreak havoc to the most patient of us!


Mercury can also impact our thinking and when it turns direct (moves forward again), we could be surprised at some of the decisions we realise we could or did make that were inappropriate or probably not in our best interests.

Typically, Mercury Retrograde is not the best time to apply for or start a new job, set up a business, start a new course, take a trip, start a relationship, build a house or buy a car, or just about anything else that you are depending on for a good outcome. Because it will often be delayed, changed, or involve back and forth steps – that you could undo all the work you did later down the track.

It is best to postpone anything of real importance in your life until after the Mercury retrograde phase, which usually lasts approximately three to four weeks.

Misunderstandings in relationships are also common; the information is either relayed incorrectly, distorted in some way or delayed so as to cause confusion or other obstacles get in the way of delivery.

Time is usually of the essence, e.g. trying to get a taxi to get to a meeting on time! We could miss planes, trains and have to catch a bus which misses the next connection and get there late.

You could feel more sentimental about the past or unexpectedly meet up with people from the past. Business deals can be in a state of flux with vital details not yet available.

So what is Mercury Retrograde energy good for? It is excellent for reviewing, revisiting, revising or re-strategizing on how you communicate in a job or a relationship. It may serve you to plan what you want in love, business or life during this time, which you can then begin to execute once the retrograde period ends. So good for planning, but not major (especially new) actions.

This Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio (in detriment – so not comfortable in a water sign) can test you with intimacy; whether it be emotional, sexual or financial. Emotional intimacy could be deepened by being very truthful and even more so by hearing the truth. However, with Scorpio, sometimes the truth hurts! If you decide to ask for the truth from your partner, you could feel the lash of their tail – be ready!

Because this transit is challenging, it can reveal weaknesses in a relationship. Sexual intimacy can also deepen or die during this transit, but if you come to a discussion with love and are open to understanding, it can help to set the tone for positive changes with your partner. It could deepen the bond and the foundations.

During this transit, you may be tempted to dig deeper or become obsessive about knowing the truth i.e. is he/she cheating? This transit is perfect for revealing information that is hidden (Scorpio) and could well bring a startling clarity. If a relationship ends at this time, it will become clearer in months/years on that you were most probably spared from continuing in an unhappy relationship.

Another good way to use this particular retrograde is to have a frank discussion with your partner (business or love) about joint finances. Maybe a financial revamp is needed so that you can be solid in your alliance without money getting in the way. Any financial secrets will be revealed during Mercury, so you better front up if there is anything you are hiding.

This transit may feel a little tense, however, it can bring alliances together if there is mutual respect for each other. If you do have these conversations during Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, focus on kindness, warmth and bring a gentle curiosity to the conversation with an intent that genuine needs will be met.

Meditation will serve you well during this time to slow down any nervous, obsessive or rushed thinking, leading you to potentially lose your temper quicker than usual.

A final reminder; avoid making quick decisions during this time or acting rashly without regard for the outcome, otherwise it could lead to disruption or conflict.

Meditate, meditate, meditate and practice bringing your energy back to you when you are tempted to argue with someone or a situation that looks unreasonable.

As with all Mercury retrogrades, they show us that we do not have control over everything and how we tolerate change and uncertainty when things are out of our control.


Love and Light,


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