Mercury And Eclipse Energy Together

By Sarah: Coupled with Mercury in Retrograde energy, this week is the fact that we are in the middle of Eclipse energy! The lunar eclipse of 5 June is mirrored by the lunar eclipse on 5 July and in the center is the grand Solar Eclipse on June 21st which is also the Solstice! And all of this happens just as the Lockdown for COVID is starting to be relaxed globally – allowing naturally gregarious humans to meet each other once again. The atmosphere is going to be emotionally charged to say the least!



Mercury is the ruler of communication and travel. It’s important to turn inwards and work out where life is heading. The Solstice – where the day is the longest in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere – significantly represents a total shift and change as we move into the next half of the year and the next chapter of our lives. Mercury will affect all areas of communication, travel and legal contracts as well as electronics. Situations will manifest in your human reality that will cause delays. Therefore make no long term plans during this period and ensure you check all contracts thoroughly. It is also advisable to start writing a journal and record your deepest thoughts during this time. Certainly a positive time to make plans but possibly not to take action.

Mercury in Retrograde is also an excellent time to clear out the clutter of your home and of your mind. Examine close friendships too and maybe you will find out that some friendships no longer serve your highest good. Choose to leave them in the past. Now is the time to get over your ex, brush yourself down, face forwards and move on with your life.

The eclipse energy is extremely powerful and connects us to eclipses in the past. Aspects of our shadow self will be revealed – where we have a lack or where we have fear. Write this stuff down – now is when you will start to know yourself on a far higher level and you will see clearly what you can and cannot achieve in life and why. Expect difficult situations to be attracted into your life so that you will be triggered to have very intense and raw emotions. Work out where the pain and feelings of neglect are coming from.

The last eclipse was on the 26 December – what was your vision then and what is your vision now? Eclipses are important time cycles that can be easily worked with to bring about the greater good in your life. They are all connected to each other through history and even our Christ was crucified during an eclipse.

In a nutshell with ALL these planetary configurations – the main thing is this. Communication may not be at its best so turn inward and write down your thoughts and plans. Do not make any impulsive decisions during this time as anything emotional will be heightened. Check out all contracts thoroughly and try to get an even balance between your rational mind and your emotional mind. It is also a good idea not to fall totally head over heels in love unless you know without a doubt you are entering a loving and committed relationship

All in all, this period of time is an amazing portal for change. Stay true to yourself and try your very best not to get caught up in drama. Prepare to expect the unexpected and ensure you cut off consciously every day for at least ten minutes from the worries of the world.

Let me help you see the path ahead during these changing time.


Love and Light,


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