Meeting Your Twin Flame

By Gabriella: Twin flame relationships are probably the most powerful relationship that you will have in your life. The difference between a soul mate and your twin flame is very distinct.

When you meet a soul mate, and there can be lots of soul mates that you will meet on your life journey and they can range from friends, to lovers, they can come as platonic friendships or romantic relationships Being with a soul mate you will feel comfortable and also feel as if you have known them forever or even from a different life but meeting your twin flame is a completely different experience.

1gabriella2 While you can have many soul mates in life you will only have one twin flame. It is like meeting yourself in another person. It is as if this person is your mirror. Not necessarily on the outside, but at a soul level, you will be the mirror image of this person and there will be a total unconditional love for them. You will feel the connection not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. You will see in them things that are directly related to how you see yourself and how you treat yourself.

In the beginning of meeting your twin flame you will feel like you are in a total state of pure bliss. The pure love energy will bubble up deep inside you, you will feel as if you understand life and the happiness of life and what it all means. After this stage of pure, intense ecstasy, you will return to earth with a bump and feel very confused. As you get to this stage you will face all your own areas of negativity that you were not even aware of. Old baggage and fears will surface, and you will be forced to deal with all of these parts of yourself.

With your twin flame nothing can be hidden, and your subconscious self will come out and make you deal with all the darkness in your life. You will probably have a very strong telepathic connection and empathic communication, and this is where you will start to balance out each other’s negative behavior and work together to bring about bliss and happiness.

How to Recognize Your Twin Flame:

• When you meet your twin flame you will feel that there is an incredible bond between the two of you. It will feel like you have met them before and know them very well.

• Meeting your twin flame will come as a huge surprise. It will happen when you are not looking, and it will feel as if it was divine timing and coincidence that brought you together.

• You will have a hard time trying to concentrate on other things besides them. It will feel like you are obsessing over them.

• Being apart from them will make you feel like you are missing half of yourself.

• They are your mirror. You will show each other the perfect mirror of each other’s souls, you will mirror back to each other things that have not been healed on your life path.
There will be intense energy around the two of you and between the two of you. People will probably comment on the magnetic feel of the energy around you.

• Your intuition and psychic abilities will be prominent, especially when dealing with your twin flame.

• You will have similar a life paths and beliefs.

• If you are blessed enough to meet your twin flame in this life, hold them close to your heart and grasp the love and energy with all your might and learn as much as you can from it. These relationships clear your path for many lives to come. They offer you so many soul lessons and a chance to grow beyond any expectation.

You can’t search for your soul mate. If you are meant to meet on this life path of yours, they will come to you.

At times you might meet your twin flame, but neither of you might be ready for the experience and you both might need to deal with other lessons before you can be together, but when you have both healed the areas that you need to heal and learnt the lessons you need to learn you will come together again.

Your twin flame will always love you.


Blessing to you all.

Love and Light,


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