Manifesting: A How To Guide To Make Your Dreams Into Reality

By Fae: Prayer or Visualization

There a two types of prayers. The first one is a “pleading prayer” (supplication prayer) where you plead to God. Please help me with this which is fine. The second is an “affirmative prayer” where you thank the universe for everything. And you visualize yourself already there what it feels like and thanking the Lord already. This is the type of prayer I lean towards.

Stop victim mentality

fae3 The other important process is losing our victim mentality or ‘poor me syndrome’. It is very easy to get yourself in a negative head space and feel so sorry for yourself. And you feel so hurt and guilty that you feel paralyzed. Well, this thought process is stopping you from your highest possibilities and moving forward.  Stop putting yourself down as this is detrimental to yourself in achieving the best out of this life.

I visualize and talk to myself to help stop what I call ‘the monkey brain’. We are always going to get the chitter chatter, so we have to tell our brain to Stop, that’s your opinion and fill your brain full of positive thoughts. We always tend to overthink. What I usually do is take a step back and tell my brain –  well that is your opinion and only positive thoughts live here.

Every mistake can be a lesson and or how to challenge obstacles in your life. And this is the important part.  You have a choice you’re the one in the driver seat so right now to make positive changes.

Don’t let Fear stop you!

The people who achieve what they want in life let go of fear. Fear is what holds most people back.

Get clear intentions

If you’re not clear with your intentions, you are probably not going to manifest. If you’re just dreaming up these beautiful ideas and not making them into real steps you’re not going anywhere. Get help from a trusted friend or a good psychic can help illuminate the best possible path to take.

Don’t be unrealistic or have bad intentions this will prevent you from the best potential life.

Get to know who you are and be at peace with yourself.

If you are happy and authentic with yourself, you can act with self-confidence. Remember you are a beacon of light shining brightly within you.

  • Make your intentions clear with healthy goals and be realistic.
  • Trust your instinct –  it’s there to guide you. If you are having trouble with trusting your intuition, seek clarity with a trusted Psychic like myself to help guide you in the right direction
  • Set healthful boundaries – negative people are like vampires hang around them too long you’re bound to feel drained and they will suck you dry. Lift yourself up with positive people
  • Seek help if you need it
  • A fun way is to set intentions during a full moon
  • Most importantly – Pray and visualize yourself achieving doing it, write it down or do a vision board if it helps.




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Fae is an Intuitive Psychic, Tarot Card Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader, Energy Healer, Pendulum Reader and Aura Reader. She wants her clients to leave their reading feeling reassured with information that they can actually use and apply in their daily live.

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  1. Lalita Misquitta

    I need to come out of my present situation of feeling worthless for a very long time now over two years.


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