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By Sofia: If you are reading this, cheers to you, love! We all made it through the craziness of the year 2020. We hope to transition away from coronavirus this year, but a simple flip of the calendar won’t magically make it go away, along with all the detriments it may have caused—the heartbreak of losing a loved one, the distance in our relationships, the breakup with a significant other, the job loss, the financial struggles, the shut down of businesses, or the fear and sadness that’s poking our hearts every time we hear a piece of bad news.

While you have no control over these things in the past, the New Moon has its magic and serves you a clean slate to start anew! New intentions, new hopes, or new dreams you may call. Whatever you want to attract in your life, the first New Moon in this New Year is the perfect time to press the reset button and recharge your energies!


It’s a universal truth in many cultures that the New Year holds spiritual significance. Janus, the god of gateways, beginnings, and transitions, gave name to January. This year’s first New Moon falls on the 13th of January when the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Capricorn. The energy of this cardinal earth sign invites us to start planning for the year ahead and inspires us to be wise, hardworking, ambitious, and disciplined just like the Capricorn traits for us to accomplish the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Using the cyclic phases of the moon is a powerful process for manifestation. Traditionally many farmers would plant seeds on a New Moon because it is when the soil is most fertile and wet. It’s the most ideal time to plant seeds in our garden and plant intentions in our hearts for us to enjoy the fruits and outcomes in the future. So how do we set intentions on New Moon? Before doing that, it is essential to do an introspection.

We start by checking in with ourselves and ask these questions:

• How do I truly feel right now?
• What did I learn last month/year?
• Is my heart open to receive blessings?
• Am I grateful for the gifts I’ve received?
• What do I need to improve?
• What do I need to let go of?
• What do I truly desire in my life?

The New Moon Intention Ritual

1. Set up a sacred and clear space The best place to perform a new moon ritual that provides serenity is your own home. Declutter your space to free you from distractions, and burn sage or incense to clear away the dissonant energies. Rearrange your space if needed and leave things that make you feel relaxed and grounded, such as indoor plants, lighted candles, soothing music, or anything that helps you connect to your deepest self. The important aspect here is to renew your energy and feel refreshed physically and mentally.

2. Connect with the higher being – Work to connect with your energy source, may it be God, angels, spirit guides, sun, moon, or any other divine connection. Say a prayer or call on to your higher self and feel its energy surrounding you. Breathe in and out to release any tension in your body.

3. Write a list of your intentions – Ask for guidance and be open to receive what is you want to manifest in your life. On a piece of paper, write down succinctly the things in your life you want to acquire. This could be a reconnection with someone you love, financial abundance, a job promotion, recovery from an illness—you name it and write it.

4. Remove blocks and restrictions – On an other piece of paper write down the things you need to let go of, such as anxiety, guilt, anger, attachment, depression, or anything that blocks your energy and not serving you. Acknowledge and honor these feelings. Let them go by offering these to the fire. (Burn this piece of paper at a safe place and release the ashes to the wind or down your drain)

5. Meditate and Complete – Spend an ample amount of time meditating on your desires. You will know what feels enough for you, so there no duration of time is required here. Take it slow and easy on yourself. Focus on how it feels in your body as if your wish is already fulfilled. Our bodies never lie. When something is right or wrong, you will know as long as you are honest with yourself. So make sure that what you wrote is 100 % resonating with you—it’s what you truly want. If it is, the more likely it will come into reality. When you complete visualizing your desired outcome, release the attachment you have on your wishes, let go and let the universe do its work for you. You may end the ritual with gratitude and appreciation to your higher self and spirit guides for the help they provide. Trust your divine. Trust yourself. Trust the process.

The most important thing is to have a clear, open heart to manifest your intentions. Keep your list and review it on the next New Moon ritual to see how close you are to attainment, or you can replace some of the items as you gained more clarity along the way. Let the lunar cycles help you create magic!


Love and Light,


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