Love Matters

By Shannon: With all the world events and things to do each day, life gets faster and love seems to get pushed to the back. Love needs to be the front as it matters.

Why Love Matters?

Loving other people is giving beyond yourself and is an effort to join with another and join in with others needs in life to feel something for someone enough to go beyond your own needs to the joint needs goals and plans for you both. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Sometimes there is love, but the direction of both lives can get in the way of joint goals and directions and cause problems and or even break ups. Being happy in your own life is very important, but relationships need to have some things in common.


One of these things is common goals and plans that you both work towards keeping you on the same page, it’s easier if you’re compatible and love the same things then you can make your plans.

Love Indeed Matters

Feeling happy and in love and also having someone to share your life with does matter and can be achieved, it is about enveloping someone into your life weaving what they want and what you want together. Focusing on the goals you both want and having a strong foundation to work from. It’s important to put effort both into yourself and the one you love as you share life going forward you both feel empowered by the love you share. Always remember, when one sees something especially wonderful, it’s always nice to have someone to share it with.

The way forward may not always be clear at first and a lot of communication is necessary to find out what your loved one wants for the joint future, it’s important your plans align so that your both on the same life path and want the same things, so being in love helps you to stay bonded while you work on your life journey together and projects and plans don’t always work out and have to be reworked. Then there is the outside world and other people wanting to put in their ideas and sometimes causing rifts or problems so this has to be taken into account. Love matters overall and finding the way forward is the top priority while also taking in your own life plans, needs and wants are met. Love and life path are complex, but it’s easier when you’re both wanting the same things.

So, in the busy time of the world changes and life going by remember love matters, and do something kind for your loved ones and encourage them to do the same and make sure they are happy with your joint goals.

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Love and Light,


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