Love Chooses For Us

By Edwina: We can not always choose who we fall in love with and if we could, how much easier would life be! So how do we take control when things seem one sided, or there is a sense of imbalance within our relationships? In my work and life, this question manifests itself all the time. My clients sometimes come to me devastated, lost and hopelessly in love. They have no idea what they should do or what has hit them. I have been in this situation too and I know how painful and life-disrupting it can be!

edwina03 The solution could mean separation, but if the love is pure it is worth fighting for. Sometimes an outside perspective can open the door to resolution and happiness, providing we are willing to walk through regardless of the sacrifice. Identifying the core cause of break down or reason for turmoil is where I come in. I have enjoyed many successes with my clients and helped others move on.

Looking back at my relationships, I can see where the early warning signs were, but when I was in that situation it was hard to accept how things were. Like many of you; we go on and on, trying and most times it fails but sometimes it works. One sign to watch for is; does the person in question not call or message and it feels like you’re doing everything. Over and over we continue in torturous routines whereas really instead of being reactive, we should be proactive. The secret approach lies within a conscious decision to stop right there and do not message them! This can be hard when we want someone in our life, but my advice is to try to give yourself the self-respect you deserve. For you deserve love in your life and if you’re not receiving it, you have only fear of the unknown. I truly believe there is someone for everyone, what one may discard, another will discover treasure!

Make today judgment day and ask yourself.. does your partner tell anyone else about you?
If they do not, this is a real pointer that they are not serious. If on the other hand, you start to feel its you and all you want is change because you feel you are constrained, then perhaps it’s time to walk away.

Asking a psychic may not seem like an obvious choice but it can help because sometimes asking a friend or family member may give a bias answer. So how can a psychic help? Firstly, you must understand that every psychic works differently. What I do is pick up on the energy of the person in question. I can pinpoint the issues and also show you how to be able to work a situation right. My guidance is a good thing, but I do not always share what my clients might want to hear. If you are at your wits end you will be glad for anyone helping and grow to understand how we can move forward in life for the greater good. One thing I do tell my clients is to accept you love your partner even if you are not together, because if you deny your feelings you are harming yourself. Accepting you have a lost love and letting in lay softly inside your heart will allow you to heal faster. If you fight it, then confusion sets in, you cannot think straight and we make brash decisions. Take a breath in.. accept your love.. and breath out, letting go of the pain. Repeat again and after a while you will calm inside, releasing what’s known as ‘heart ache’.


Love and Light,


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