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By Isabella: There is a formula for attracting the greatest love of your life and those in happy, healthy, relationships have learned what keeps the love flowing and growing. How many times have you found yourself in a relationship only to realize that it is going south rapidly? How many times have you seen the warning signs that the relationship is becoming toxic, yet you cling to it like a hungry child clinging to a bottle?

isabella3 Everyone loves being in love but too often, settle for damaged goods instead of aspiring to be in a relationship which matches where they are in consciousness. I have several clients who are on a spiritual path and they are growing, evolving and embracing all things spiritual, yet they are in relationships with people who have no intention of doing the same. When you grow and change, your frequency changes too. Energy is tangible and whether you like it or not, some people will fall out of your life due to the noticeable change in energy. Relationships too may take a hit like many who have been married for a long time. If one person grows and the other does not, the relationship may fall away.

Many call and ask if their “soulmate” is destined to find them. Yes to finding you and no to “destined.” Yes to the inevitable…like energy attracts like energy, we are always drawn back to the familiar but that does not necessarily mean you are “destined” to be together again. You may be but many times it also may be that you have come together to make peace or to heal the past pain. You may adjoined to do greater works than just serving yourselves this time around. It may even be a test of wills, to master habitual behavior, to master detachment or some other life changing element.

Conversely remember, “That which is meant to be WILL be” and nothing nor anyone can stop it. You might consider relaxing a bit and embracing that theory because when it comes to love, the less you push the more you gain. “Love needs air to breath, space to dance and sweetened energy to pulsate.”

Allowing rather than forcing is the key to love in perfect design. Additionally, knowing, having faith and trusting that you are uniquely designed for love is the root to attracting it. Love must move as energy and nurtured in the mind before it ever happens in your heart.

The foundation and formula for healthy love is:

• Fluidity – This is give and take equally, the science of sharing space and life.

• Flow – There must be flow, synchronicity in what you dream and what you both want so it interconnects and weaves a beautiful story.

• Free – Love must be free of possessiveness, jealousy or neediness.

• Self-love – If you don’t love yourself, no one else will ever fill you.

• Self-respect – Essential for ensuring your boundaries that no one ever degrades, diminishes or demeans you.

• Honoring boundaries – both yours and your partners.

• Conflict resolution skills – learning how to argue without name calling or saying things you cannot retract that leave lasting damage.

• Co-operation – Learning to work as a unit and when it is time to bend. It’s not about being right, it’s about finding the balance within the unit of togetherness.

• Chemistry – Chemistry is more than sexual attraction. It is being best friends and wanting similar things. Sharing goals, interests and a passion for something greater than both of you.

• Compatibility – How much you have in common, which is important since you may be spending the rest of your lives together. How much do you enjoy each other’s company? Can you see yourself growing old with this person? Hang-ups, flaws and warts grow more predominant with age, can you handle it or will you become so fed up you walk away?

All of the above should be considered when looking for a romantic relationship or at the one you are in.
Journaling a list of all the things you want in a future mate is also a good way to encourage the universal energies in accomplishing the outcome. You may write out ten things and only get a mate with 8 of them so make a big list because in the end however much you pour into your creation is exactly how much you will get out of it.

Above all remember, love in its purest form is effortless. Relationships however are not. Every relationship challenges you at some level but the healthiest ones are those which keep a perspective and have a common goal of making the relationship last forever.

As a spiritual teacher I have helped countless numbers of clients, find love and heal their current relationships. Get in touch with me for more tips on how to be successful in love.


Wishing you love in perfect design,


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