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By Sarah: As the weeks have gone by you may not have known what day, date or time it was as days and nights just rolled into one. But, whilst under Lockdown – under the surface of life certainly great inner growth has occurred. Many of you maybe unable to see or experience this growth consciously yet, so I have spent a few hours doing some mini tarot readings for the 12 star signs in the Astrology Horoscope.

Through these mini tarot readings, you will be able to see what energies have been presenting themselves to you and what lessons you have needed to learn. Besides the six spiritual laws of isolation that you have been experiencing – being patient, learning calm, hope, reflection, intention and love – what else is going on around you?


I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing them for you and find that they resonate in your life. They were done with the greatest and purest of intentions in mind for you as a human individual a soul who is experiencing their spiritual path during this incredible turning point in the Earths evolution.


This Lockdown has been pretty hard for you to express your true creative spirit and you have probably missed interacting and socializing with people personally. Social distancing and towing the line will never work for you. I am shown, therefore, that during this period you have many angels and passed loved ones who are with you during this time, helping you cope with the isolation that has been forced upon you. At this time you should be working on your spiritual path and researching esoteric knowledge as this will satisfy your need for creativity. Prayer will be a very powerful tool dear Aquarian, and I see that your energy is truly buzzing – watch your thoughts during this time as they certainly create your reality around you. Try and be as focused as you can on what you want – perhaps even get yourself a little book in which to write your intentions big and small and then you can observe how quickly they manifest in your life. As the weeks go by I am seeing positive change in your life, so don’t give up or feel depressed, a new life is waiting for you built up on your dreams, goals and aspirations.


Wonderfully free and liberated Pisces are feeling quite trapped and unable to see a way forward during this time. Fish like to be on the move and you are actually feeling somewhat stifled. Use this time to just dream bigger dreams for yourself and ensure that you take up some sort of creative hobby like painting, writing or even knitting and sewing. You seem to have self doubt and two steps forward in positivity seems to take you one step backwards as you simply feel totally claustrophobic with the Lockdown pressure around you. Something that you can focus on to get your mind off things is learning to bring an energy of forgiveness into your life. Go over past memories and see where you can let the ghost of past hurts and angst be released. Is there someone you have held a grudge against? That won’t sit will with the Pisces psyche who usually has so much love for everyone. Give the family member or friend that you have not spoken to in a long time a call or a text. Make peace and allow the door to be closed on the past so that a new and happier cycle can begin moving forward. Releasing the past also means that you can move forward not having to relearn patterns of love being blocked by fear and anger.


The true ram that you are – always pushing forward with new ideas and plans! Lockdown must be a very hard period for you as all your plans have had to land by the wayside whilst waiting for the Lockdown to end – to flatten the curve of this pandemic. I see a tremendous amount of good fortune showering down on you – all the action that you would usually have taken to make your plans a reality is building up so that in the weeks to come you can make some tremendous life altering positive changes to your life. Whether it be in business or in your love life, good karma is all around you determined Aries! This is the time that you need to remain assertive, positive and bold. If you cannot do something today just develop patience and take this time to rest and to build up inner energy so that when the time comes for Lockdown to be gently lifted you are more than ready to take action. At times you may feel quite weak and depressed but there is no need for that – an Aries Ram will always get back up on their feet very quickly after a time of forced rest and isolation from the world. Know what it is that you wish to achieve and just go for it when the time is right.


As strong as a bull, this is a very generous time for you with much excitement. I  am shown a huge celebration coming forward in the near future and you should actually be feeling very excited about life. If you are presently dating someone, this Lockdown period could be the time you realise that your partner is your one and only and you fall even deeper in love with each other. This is the time for Taurus marriage proposals for sure. Let true love reign during these darkened times on the planet. There is not a problem in the world that can trip you up right now – you are strong and bold and you will work through everything and anything that you have to face. You have the courage and strength of will and nothing will get you down. Business and wealth which may have slowed down a bit over the past few weeks are certainly going to pick up speed and there is a big pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. Do not give up and do not stop with your greatest purpose in life – being a success.


Gemini – the beautiful twins. This Lockdown has been a huge test on you and you have now hit a major turning point in your life and change needs to happen. You have outgrown old belief structures and are in the process of reinventing your life. This is actually a very exciting time for you and you should reach total breakthrough with what you are wanting to achieve in the remaining months of the year. However, this is all in your hands – have you the courage to walk through doors when they open? Now is not the time to shrink back. Yes, take your time to rest and to calm your mind but in the next few months it will be the time to totally change your life according to your own wishes. The world is opening up to you and it will be the Gemini’s who make the biggest difference in the world moving forward. Just ensure that you are patient and that you continue with the slow cycle of life rather than the maddening rat race of the old reality. Indeed – great change is around you so get ready to welcome in the blessings.


This is a time when you would have been deeply reflecting on love. Love of another, the love of your passions, the love of the world at large. Cancerians you little crabs have so much love to offer the world. This pandemic must have hurt your heart so much, considering you have so much compassion for others. You feel so much so deeply and often sit and sadly observe an isolated world gone crazy. The pain of the world hurts you. If you are single, I do see someone uniquely special entering your life – either online or once socialization starts again in the new world that is emerging. You are asked to focus on your own needs – to nurture yourself first. Do not waste energy worrying about the world – everyone has their own life path. Pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and dreams for this is your angels speaking to you. It is also important  that you connect to nature as the gentle vibration of nature will heal any emotional wounds you have encountered whilst experiencing Lockdown.


Brave lion, you like being the center of attention and the life and soul of the party once it gets going, your beautiful hair is always remarked upon. I see that this is the time to keep yourself busy as you are missing personal social interaction. Look around and see what you can be grateful for – no matter what your circumstance. If you practice being grateful, then more energy will come your way that you can be even more grateful for. Have you a roof over your head? Petrol for the car? Half a loaf of bread? There is always – always – something to be grateful for. Your life is beginning to turn in a very positive direction, slowly slowly day by day you will find that you are starting to discover more aspects about yourself. Its almost as though a spiritual unfolding is happening to you. Trust in the Divine process of life – if you can just relax and ride that magic carpet you will soon be in the limelight again. And if you are really suffering from lack of exposure to others, consider going LIVE on your Facebook news-feed – either reading a poem that you love, or singing a song, or even discussing something relevant in the news. Now there’s a challenge for you!


Have no doubt, darling precise and perfectionist Virgo, that your life is moving forward with balance and speed in the right direction. You are heading straight for victory. You have had patience and have faced this pandemic with courage, bravery and sensibility. You have worn your mask, practiced social distancing, you have done everything to the book. And whilst you focused on keeping yourself safe, under the surface of your life things have started to balance out. As Lockdown becomes more relaxed do not be surprised if some amazing things come your way as victory and success is coming to any endeavor that you start or complete. If single, this is the time when you will meet your one true love which will lead to a loving and committed relationship. If already dating there is a closeness that is going to come between you and your significant other. There is a wealth of love being showered into your life.


You always like to keep things in perfect order and balance but that has proved difficult during this Lockdown period. From one day to the next you don’t know what mood you are going to be in. One of the lessons coming your way this Lockdown has been to develop your sense of self confidence. You would have started to face challenges that made you stand up and speak up. Maybe it was a work colleague offloading so much paperwork for you to do at home, perhaps a family member spoke out of line on a text message – these type of things would have triggered you to become more self confident and to speak your mind. There does seem to be some emotional baggage that you are dealing with under the surface – now is the time to look at these issues and work out if they are worth holding onto – or should you just release them into the past with much love. They were part of who you were and who you became but they no longer have value in your life. There is a very strong under current of successful business dealings happening now and if you focus on some serious career goals do not be surprised when they actually manifest in a few months time. Now is the time to dream big.


Scorpio who is so full of powerful energy, the Lockdown has forced you to face certain issues from the past. This would have been an uncomfortable process for you where you may have been kept awake at night thinking about people, events and situations from the past – some of them which may have been pretty hurtful. The Lockdown is the perfect time frame to sit closely with your thoughts and also to reach out to those that you have not spoken to for a while. Check up on your old friends and family members and allow healing and connection to take place. Some people are really suffering financially or emotionally and a few kind words can never go amiss.There is lots of online communication going on in your life during this time so make sure you are spreading words of love and not fear. You are on quite a journey of the soul during isolation and you are waking up to aspects of yourself that you were never conscious of. Take this time to work out where your true passion lies and make an oath to follow this passion in the months going forward when things return to a new normal.


Wow you seem to be evolving and changing during this Lockdown period more than any other sign in the Horoscope. This is a time of great change where you will question many of your long-held beliefs. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly the process of change and development maybe uncomfortable but there comes with the change so many benefits. You are strong and in direct control of your life. You hold the steering wheel to direct your ship in whatever direction you wish to go. You may also be experiencing some money worries at the moment but release any fear that you may have concerning financials woes. Over 3.8 billion people on the earth are experiencing financial difficulties during this time but you are assured that what you lose out on financially in the present, you will soon gain back ten fold once the borders open and Lockdown levels are lowered. There is something coming your way – an idea perhaps or a determination to grow career-wise, that is going to catapult you at great speed into a money making venture that is going to have a good payoff down the line. It maybe a sideline online business that you wish to start, or it could just be a promotion at work or a new job. But money is looking very good in your chart going forward.


You dear goat like to be focused in what you do and achieve in life but your mind has been filled up with so much worry over the past few months that your mind feels full and heavy. Many of your worries will not materialize and exist only in your mind and they literally steal your joy from the present. Still your mind and do research on meditation. Anything that moves you out of the human matrix energy field and onto a more spiritual level. Spirtual truths are going to matter more to you now than any other time in your life. What needs to be removed from your life is now going to be left behind in your past. Old friendships, minor worries, household clutter – move forward and realise you are entering a wonderful phase of your life where so much is going to start making sense to you. The sun is shining down on you magnifying your positive dreams and goals and it certainly seems like anything is possible for you – provided it hurts no one. Set those standards high and smash through the glass shell of what your life once was so that it can begin to bring you the rewards that you so deserve.

Much love and light and I look forward to meeting you as a client when life seems confusing or out of sync. I do feel that you can benefit greatly from one of my Tarot Readings.


Love and Light,


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