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By Sarah: I was sitting with my 15 year old daughter today who was playing on her computer. I have just bought her the latest edition of SIMS and she was designing me and my husband as a SIMS character. She was in CAS MODE apparently (Creating A Sim). It’s a fascinating process as you actually get to create entire families, with hair color, personality traits, clothing and even body shape. Whilst she was designing me as a SIM Avatar, I realized what an incredible manifesting tool the SIMS world could be.

1sarah6 To consciously manifest in your life, you need two personality traits in the human world – the tools of self-control and patience. When you feel yourself going into a panic or being anxious the solution is to consciously calm yourself down. If you had a traumatic childhood, your ego may be addicted to the feeling of being stressed out – the racing of the heart, the sadness in your mind. When you go into a speed-wobble with deadlines or crying babies, you have to be able to go with the flow and see the lesson in the moment. In other words, you have to start being observant rather than reactive to anything and everything in your life. No matter what it is. Our thoughts create our reality so the first step of manifesting is to control the mind.

So getting back to SIMS, my daughter created me as an Avatar and chose me the outfit she thought I should wear. My husband came through and said I should be given a little bit of a tummy and that he should have one too. I then explained that I wanted a slim, sexy body in the SIMS game so that every time I looked at myself I would envisage health. In the game I could be made (by my daughter) however, she wanted and realizing the impact of manifestation I requested from my daughter that she bring good things to us as a SIM family. To know that my daughter is playing God and Goddess to her family in her imaginary world of SIMS is beautiful and heartwarming.

Obviously our SIM family won’t always be manifesting icons – they’ll also just become regular gaming avatars detached from their human counterpart. But if we ever run short of money, my daughter can bring us wads of cash in the game. And because my husband and I have both learned to quieten our minds, we can gently attract the money into our lives. Just for fun, as an experiment. When she had to chose character traits for my husband and I in the game I choose MATERIALISTIC for us both, simply because we are so far from that in our real lives. It’s going to be interesting to see how a materialistic SIM plays out in the game and what we can learn in real life. We also added KINDNESS and ROMANTIC.

The best tip I can give you with manifesting is to keep yourself positive in every moment. It’s like rewiring your brain. And before you go to sleep at night always cut off for at least ten minutes from any problems in your life. Literally control your brain to cut off and blank out. In this way you allow the Angels to come in and take over the situation (in quantum physics this would be called altering the molecules) and in this way create miracles. Never hold on too tight.

It is all about self control. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the best psychic website in the world – have a look at my profile here on Lifereader.


Love and Light,


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