Keys To Intuition

There are many ways to achieve making sound business decisions. Your skills, expertise and education all influence the way you conduct your business and all help you realize your goals. However in both your personal life and in business it is advantageous to procure and perfect your intuitive or “gut feelings” before making pinnacle decisions.

Intuitive thinking is a skill as valuable as your greatest scholastic achievement. Like acumen, many factors influence how your intuition has been formed including socio-economics, childhood upbringing, spiritual or religious influences and of course emotional well-being. Many make decisions from a place of dysfunction stemming from their own personal pain or losses or even fears while others make decisions through the process of elimination, algorithms or statistical data and yet some of the most successful people in the world simply followed their “gut feeling.” Your gut feeling or instinctual knowing is always present if you just tune in and have the courage to trust it. Again, it is predicated on the understanding that your own fears and other “gunk,” for lack of a better word, can influence and veil your ability to hear your inner GPS.

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Incorporating meditation, yoga, running, tai chi, Pilates or other similar modalities into your daily routine is a great way to learn how to develop and hone your intuitive self. Most people are keenly aware of their “gut gauge” yet many override or ignore it altogether in search of a rational or intellectual solution. Often, it is the imagination which generates the greatest inventions or ideas yet over-analyzing seems to be the method most revert to. Achieving the discipline of respecting and acting upon your intuition offers a greater expanse while learning to trust yourself at the same time.

Another tool you can employ in decision making is very simple yet you must have vision to use it. Start by exploring and analyzing every outcome possibility. Most people only see one or two possibilities but those with real vision are able to derive a clear path to a singular solution. This is similar to interjecting metaphysics into spiritual counseling. We look at the solutions found in every paradigm knowing there is a solution which incorporates all the variables to reach the path with the greatest flow. Though every choice has a series of challenges and consequence there is always an optimal choice.

Here are a few things to consider when making important decisions using intuition:
1. Do not let emotions influence your decision. Emotions have a way of clouding human thinking.
2. Never make decisions when you are tired or drinking. Any use of substances like drugs, cannabis, alcohol or prescription medications alter brain chemistry. Brain chemistry is also altered by sleep deprivation so making a decision when tired is not wise. Get some rest and remember “a clear head assists in hearing a clear heart.”

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3. Consider utilizing prayer or meditation and tap into the clarity which comes in stillness and in the silence. You can also simply sit quietly or go for a walk alone to exact greater clarity.
4. Never make a decision based on money. When you predicate anything on the number of dollars it will generate you lose the greater vision.

5. Never get attached to an outcome. A made up or inflexible mind or by projecting what you want or wish to happen, the less you are able to hear the angels and their guidance.

Intuition becomes sharpened with use so listen to your gut, honor it and watch your world expand!
To learn more about tapping into and heightening your own intuition get in touch with me, I look forward to hearing from you.

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