Karma Sutra For Lovers Of The Art

By Sarah: In the 1960’s and 70’s, the ancient art of the Kama Sutra was launched onto an unexpected Western World with rumors of unusual sexual positions and ancient mystical Indian wisdom. However – did you know that the Karma Sutra was also an art form – a creative energy – that could be studied and worked on as a couple? Here are some of the things that constitute Karma Sutra for Lovers of the Arts.

There are so many ways in which you and your partner can bond. Let me be your Spiritual Advisor and I will help you and your partner connect in ways you never thought possible.

1sarah6 1. Get a tattoo together. This is known as a very ancient art form and idea to do as a couple. Take the time to pick out a design together and perhaps have the same tattoo done as a permanent mark for the connection you have with your soul mate.

2. Cook a meal together. Both of you work on the designing the menu for the evening and you both go shopping for the ingredients. Perhaps get yourself a bottle of wine and spend the next few hours in the kitchen cooking a meal and eating together by candlelight at the table.

3. Lie in bed together and make up silly games that test the mind. For example an animal’s name with the letters of the alphabet. Or adding and subtracting number games. This will bring your minds closer together.

4. Listen to music together. Choose a favorite album from your youth and share it with your partner and let them know what the music meant to you at the time. Let them share their album with you too. The benefits of Youtube are endless as you can also watch the music video.

5. Take up a hobby together, but it must be a new hobby for both of you. Pottery is a good one to do as you can then make sculptures together that you can pass on to others and keep for yourself. My husband and I made a complete chess set as a project we took on to bring us closer together.

6. Lie in bed and read a book to each other, taking a chapter at night to complete. This will be an incredible bonding experience and my husband and I did this with the first Harry Potter.

7. Go for a walk together holding hands. Sometimes we take the car to a little town, park and walk around together holding hands. This allows us to cut off from technology besides taking a selfie or two of us as a couple. We have selfies taken of the two of us together all over the world at different times in our lives.

8. Taking of photographs find somewhere that has an automatic photo booth. You and your partner can have great fun working out your poses and you have the memory captured forever.

9. Take up painting together, even if neither of you are artistic. Choose the paint colors you are going to use and chose a landscape or a picture project and paint together with beautiful inspiring music playing in the background.

10. Take up a spiritual art together. This could be a Martial Art, learning Reiki or even a course on how to read Rune Stones or Tarot. You will grow together spiritually and will be able to amaze your friends at dinner parties with your new found skill.

11. Start learning aromatherapy together and what the different scents reveal health wise. Then you can learn the art of massage and take turns in rubbing each others bodies with the scented oil. Perhaps decorate the bed with beautiful flowers. Not to be done if there is pregnancy however.

12. Do a flower arrangements together. Most towns and cities have a flower market or somewhere you can buy fresh flowers. Google some ideas, but make the choice – and the arrangement of the flowers – together as a couple.

13. Learn the basics of a new language together. There are many online courses that offers you the simple, easy and it’s very easy and great fun. Latin is a fascinating language to learn as so many of our modern words come from Latin.

14. Go onto the beach and build sandcastles together. Make sure it’s a beautiful warm day and take some stones and shells with you to decorate. Capture the memory for social media download.

15. One of you must paint the other one’s toenails and fingernails as an art of love. You will find this experience incredibly bonding. Usually done by the male to the female, but either way is a good way of bringing you closer.


Love and Light,


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