Is This True Love?

By Sarah: Many people come to me asking if what they are feeling is true love so here are some guide points. If you would like more clarity on your love life and other relationships in your life, I would love to help you with your path ahead.

You are in a long term relationship and living together – possibly married. Everything in your relationship has started to stagnate and it feels like the two of you are passing each other in the wind. Whenever you speak to each other all you do is argue. You have two children. Meanwhile, at work there is someone you have started to connect with and open up to. They are also married. So the question is —- which one are you in love with?


There are a few answers to this question – and I get so many clients going through this I thought it would be best to write this article so that you can read it before calling me for a Tarot Reading.
Your partner is the one you have been with the longest, but things have gone stale. You need to spruce things up a bit. The first step is a dinner date where you both dress up, put on perfume and aftershave and over dinner the two of you hold hands and visualize some new goals ahead. Make time slow down and just enjoy the moment together. Then ask yourself if this is love?
You get closer to the significant other at work and after hours you sit in their car having a chat before heading off home. Before you know it you are in each others arms and kissing. Things go no further and you say good bye and drive home. As you walk through the door the home is a mess and screaming children are running around the lounge. Your partner comes and gives you a hug and goes back to cooking dinner. Which one is true love – the spouse or the one you kissed? Which one was lust?
The reason why these attractions happen in the work place, is because that is where we spend most of our waking hours and it is understandable that friendships start. Where the attraction starts to come in, starts the morning you and your spouse have a terrible row about something trivial,and over a smoke break you and your attraction started talking to each other and the conversation goes into relationships. This is when you start to open up and intimacy occurs.
If you are in a lagging, long term relationship and it has gone stale, suggest to your spouse that you go for counselling. Then suggest a dinner date to discuss the future. Then send them a sexy message during the day. If they do not respond to the above three requests, then it is time for a separation.
This separation should be three months long and there should be no intimacy. I received this advice from a very experienced marriage counselor and it really works in bringing a relationship back together or allowing the two to see that the relationship is over.
As for the person you are attracted to at work, think of things logically. If you end up having intimacy with this person you will constantly walk around feeling guilty. And after a short while it will be time for decisions to be made. One of you could get seriously hurt. Families get affected.
The best advice I could give about remaining faithful to your spouse – is look as much as you like but never take the plunge into having an affair. It causes all sorts of karmic issues. Life becomes one guilt trip and forever being needy emotionally.
If you wish to end a relationship do it on your own terms. Do it as an independent person relying on no one. Just do it and change your life.Or spend your days moaning and complaining and creating a hostile environment for children to live in.Maybe the time to take the bull by the horns and change your life is now.
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Love and Light,
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