Interview with Rev Charlie

Charlie how old where you when you first noticed that you have a Gift ?

Can’t say at what age but I do know it was in my early years on schooling. I would hear an answer in my head even when I thought I didn’t know, there it was. I recall taking geometry and staring at the assignment without a clue of how to solve. It was as if I was guided step by step to find the answer. I knew it was some other force out there that was coming inside by being.

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Can you explain us what happens when you connect with a client

I try to gain an understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Then I usually get a picture of events past, present or future. Sometimes a healing or revisiting of the past will clear the roads for a grander future.

When you connect and speak with Angels are these always the same Angels you connect with ?

There is a hierarchy in the Spirit world. Those that speak to me now are not those that speak to me in earlier years. As I have evolved so brings a more evolved energy.

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Is there a common theme in the messages that the Angels give to you?

Yes, the answer is always Love. The Love that surrounds them and that which is within them will guide them to the best outcomes.

What inspired you to do Psychic readings professionally ?

I have been a part of metaphysical churches for quite some time. After the service I would give messages. Then members of the church would ask me for a private reading. I then found myself traveling to psychic fares. That’s where it all began. So I found myself doing what I love and getting paid for it.

I would imagine that in your field you come across a few skeptics. How do you deal with those who don’t believe in your abilities?

As the saying goes, for those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who don’t no proof is possible. I don’t feel a need to sell myself or handle objections. My results speak for themselves.

How do you best unwind after a long day ?

Legs drawn up on my recliner. A bowl of ice cream. A movie that doesn’t require my full attention. Followed by gratitude for that day and the miracles that manifested.

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