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 How long have you been working as a Psychic?   

I was born with this ability, and fell into professional metaphysical and spiritual work naturally.  Although this has been a life long journey for me, I have been working professionally with clients in all walks of life, right out of high school.  My first professional reading was at age 17.  So almost 25 years.


What made you choose this Path?

     I can honestly say this path chose me.  Sometimes people are simply born into certain things, and know their calling early on.  I must say though, as a Libra, I had to challenge that several times.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to walk away from it, I’m always led back.  It’s now what I accept as a full calling and what I’m meant to do.  There is no better feeling than helping people, and showing them there can be happiness, abundance, and well being in life.  I try to really focus on the life coaching side of things, because nothing ever is written in stone.  I will look at current paths and see areas for improvement, changes, tweaking, or strengthening, and give options through free will, personal choice to help people find happiness and health in relationships, careers, home life, friendships, and legal matters as well.


How do you see in to the future and know things?

      I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, empath, remote viewer, and medium.  What that means is this:  I receive information through my 5 senses, but also get clear visions as well.  As an empath, I can feel other’s emotions and physical ailments, and have developed this to utilize in paranormal locations as well, and during mediumship readings, I can receive information this way.  As a remote viewer, I can place myself in current situations, elsewhere, very directly, and describe what is happening or what the feelings and impressions are there.  As a medium, I can receive messages from spirits that are earthbound, and spirits that are crossed over as well.


How do you manage your psychic abilities?

     Psychic abilities increase with age, as well as the skill set associated with your ability.  I have clear, clean, and very pronounced connections to people, that occur rather quickly.  I’ve learned over time the types of people I can’t be around, and so I stay clear of.  During paranormal readings or investigations, I spend a day preparing before, and go in with protection, and once leaving, again sage down, and protect.  But for the most part, with abilities that get stronger with age, you learn to not utilize your own energy to read others, and you learn to integrate all of these abilities into your own life, at all times.  They are a gift, and these abilities are meant to be harnessed.  It can be overwhelming if you let it, but for the most part I keep it in check.


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How does a Reader feel when being into a Client’s emotions?

      As an empath, I personally will connect with a client first and foremost with emotion.  That emotional connection is there almost immediately, and with that, other information can come through.  I will feel if they are sick, frustrated, happy, sad, injuries, ailments, and because of this ability I am also very accurate with health readings.  This is also a solid reason I am not able to read, hardly at all, for sociopathic or strong narcissistic personality disorder.  I absolutely need that full range of emotion to be able to obtain the information for the reading to be most beneficial.

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