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By Ernst: Humans are living a false identity from the moment they enter this world until the moment they’re leaving. We perceive ourselves to be humans when that’s our experience. We are consciousness having the experience. We are multidimensional beings. We have endless levels of awareness that are there to be tapped into and connected with. We are not just the body, we are energy, consciousness and awareness. People who have had near-death experiences often describe common things where they leave the body and are going through a tunnel. This is what one person described in his near-death experience when he left the body.

“Everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before and what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation of distance, of a period of time or of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.”
That is who we really are.

1ernst2 It’s the lens, the body that gives us the illusion that we are who we have been led to believe we are. And this is the key area to how it is done, how the illusion is maintained, how the sense of limitation is maintained. The brain has two hemispheres. The right brain and the left brain and there is a bridge between the two called the corpus callosum. When you are in a whole brain state you have both sides of the brain speaking to each other and sharing information through there. That’s not what the control system wants. The two hemispheres of the brain have very different ways of decoding reality. The left brain decodes reality as a sequence. When I say there is no time, it is understandable when people say ’yes, but there’s a sequence of events, so there has got to be time’. No, there’s got to be a way of decoding reality to appear to be a sequence. So, in the now, the left side of the brain decodes and arranges information in a sequence so we appear to be moving through what we call linear time.

The left side of the brain looks at the world in parts. The left brain decodes structure, distance, time, language and it sees everything as apart from everything else. The right side of the brain is where we get an intuition from, we get it from the heart too, but intuition is in there, it’s holistic. It looks at everything as a whole. It is a serial (simultaneous) processor, whereas the left brain is a parallel processor. If the two are speaking to each other you get the best of both worlds. If they are not we get trapped in the illusion of this reality. This is how they do it. The left brain is structure. The right brain is where we get creativity from, where we connect to wider consciousness, where we get intuition and insight from. It’s where the artist comes from, the great musician. It is the reason that the composers could compose music while they were deaf. How did they do that? It happens because they were decoding it in a vibrational level in another form without it actually passing through the ears. Because what is music? It’s vibration. This corpus callosum should be the bridge where these two exchange information.

What the core of the control system could calculatedly have done with our society is, they have locked us in the left side of the brain, which only sees reality in a very limited terms. They’ve put soldiers on the door to the left brain to stop the right brain perception from getting in there and giving it another insight on life. We call these soldiers the education system, the mainstream media, medicine, religion, science. “Get in there and shut up.” Through these methods, media, religion, education, destabilizing the body and brain through chemicals in food in drinks, the idea is to stop us decoding reality in an expanding way and get stuck in here.

Think about this, you are born and you go to school. At a very early age now. You go through school, college and university. What’s happening in this period? The system is saying: ‘Take this (left brain) information and hold it there. When I say pick up you’re exam paper, you have 2 hours to complete it. I want all that information and as much as you can remember, back out on the exam paper.’ If you do that well you pass exams. You get rewarded for being a prisoner of the left brain. You then decide on your specialization, you might want to go into medicine, science or politics.

Then you go into your science or medicine and you have to pass more exams where the system tells you what to believe about science or politics and then you have to take that out onto the exam papers. “Ah well done, you’re a doctor, you’re a scientist.”

And if you progress even through that you become one of the people who administrate the whole structure of medicine and the whole structure of science in a country. What are you by the time you get there? A complete prisoner of the left brain. When a child who has got his right brain open, questions the subject matter, parents are called that there is a problem because he’s asking questions. They’re afraid that if he does it, they will all do it.

In other words, when you are a right brainer, you didn’t marginalize it as a left brain system. That’s why we live in a left brain society. We are in such a low level of our true possibility because of the way this manipulation works.

Now this lady, Jill Bolte Talyor, who is a brain scientist, had an experience in 1996, which encapsulates what I am talking about. She got up one day and wasn’t feeling very well and she thought ‘well, I’ll get on the exercise machine and I’ll see if I can work through it.’ She said: ‘I got on the exercise machine and I looked at my hands and they were not my hands anymore and I realized that there was no part of me that was me because I merged into everything else.’ There was just one energy field. Although she was still individual in her own way because that’s her point of attention. She then realized that she was having a stroke in the left side of the brain. During this period she went into a place of absolute bliss which she called ‘Lala Land’. Where she was everything and everything was her. There was just an incredible feeling of love and peace. Every now and again the left brain would kick in and go ‘You gotta get help, you gotta get help’. That’s why the left brain is not a bad thing, it’s a bad thing when it becomes the governor of our reality.

She said: ‘What I did, I got a hold of these business cards, because I couldn’t remember the number to ring work and ask for help, so I looked through these business cards. When I looked through them, I could not see the numbers or words, I saw squiggles, they looked to me like pixels.’ What’s happening is the brain is not decoding reality as it normally would. She had gone back one stage into the digital level of the decoding system. She said it took 45 minutes to find the squiggles that she needed and she then tried to phone work.

Eventually, she managed it and someone picked the phone up at the other end. They must have said their name. She said: ‘All I heard at the other end when he picked the phone up was a sound like a dog barking “woof woof woof”.’ I said to him clearly in my mind ‘It’s Jill, I’m in trouble’ and all I heard was ‘woof woof woof.’

Because the left side of the brain is no longer decoding sound waves properly, therefore producing words that we recognize. While she was in this state, she said ‘I was released from 37 years of emotional baggage’. Because she had been released from the body decoding that rubbish. If you go on the internet and put Jill Bolte Talyor in, there is a 25 minute video there in great detail what happened to her, it’s fascinating.

Stephen Wiltshire is what they call an autistic savant. Some of these people that apparently have these sort of flaws in their brain system actually manifest staggering gifts because their decoding reality in a way that is much closer to our true potential. This man, a boy then, flies over London in a helicopter for half an hour, no paper, no pencils, nothing. He just looked out of the window. He came back and he drew accurately London from the air. He even got the number of windows correct.

Another man who is an autistic savant called Daniel Tammet has become famous for learning languages like that. So much so that he went on Icelandic television and was challenged to come back a week later fluent in Icelandic. He came back 7 days later fluent in Icelandic. His Icelandic language teacher said ‘This man is not human.’ But he was missing the point, this man is how humans are meant to be because he is accessing parts of the brain that we’re not accessing. The level of genius, the level of potential that we have here locked away is being denied us systematically, is absolutely staggering. Much of it is due to being locked in the left brain. All these things are put in front of us to scramble our brains, to scramble our emotions, divert our focus and keep us in the box. It keeps us in frozen mind rather than free flowing infinite consciousness where you can learn Icelandic in a week. Interestingly, one of the things this society worships is the intellect. Intellect is okay as long as it’s the servant of consciousness and not the governor and a suppressor of consciousness which is what most intellect is. This is the isolated intellect. Medicine, science, media are all dominated by the isolated intellect and therefore must be limited. An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. If consciousness is not watching mind you have a world that we live in now. That’s what the isolated intellect is doing for us. We have this fork in the road, this consciousness of mind, all that is or little me, right brain or left brain or balance of the two. It’s free ourselves from mind and let consciousness in so that mind serves consciousness instead of being the governor of it. One of the great ways to this is, I find, is to look at life again with a blank sheet of paper. Just like the hypnotist in the stage show is impregnating a believe system. You are eating an apple while it is a potato. So preconceived ideas what we call believe is having the same effect. Our preconceived ideas and beliefs are imposing themselves on the way we are decoding reality. When we clear our mind of preconceived ideas, the information is going to be my guide from now on, my experience is going to be my guide from now on and not preconceived ideas, it frees your mind. It opens your mind. And when you open your mind and when you open your heart, this heart vortex which I’m talking about, which connects us right out there to intuition and insight, your life absolutely changes because you connect them to this great unified field of knowledge, awareness and understanding.

Plato, in ancient Greece said ‘This reality is just the shadows on the wall and what’s projecting them, that’s the true reality.’ How did he know in Ancient Greece? Because this information exists in the fabric of the universe. We are operating as humanity because of the control system and its manipulations on a vibrational level that is not accessing what is accessible to someone in ancient Greece. As we expand our consciousness, open our minds, get out of mind into consciousness, we are starting to access those levels of awareness that hold this information. This is not Ernst , this is not Bob, it’s everybody, it’s all of us.

We are all expressions of the same infinite and we can all access it. All of us. Irrelevant of who we are or what our job is. We are all capable of doing this. Infinite love is the only truth, in other words, infinite possibility, the existence of infinite consciousness is the only truth, everything else is an illusion. The manifestation of the imagination of this consciousness in its various forms. When facing this fork in the road, are we going to the heart or the left brain? When you open to that level of awareness, you don’t think anymore, you KNOW because you’re accessing the library. Knowing doesn’t have to work it out, it just happens. When you open to consciousness you open to the information that is available in the unified field.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is, infinite. And the doors of perception are kept uncleansed systematically by the control system. When we go beyond this into consciousness, it’s: ‘I am, therefore I am. I just am all, this world just is.’ This multilevel conspiracy has been set up to disconnect us from who we are and put us in a false sense of self identity. Hypnotizing us to believe a lie about our very self.


The real ‘I’ is simply awareness.

Love and Light,


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