How You Can Manifest Through Meditation?

I often get asked questions about meditation and manifestation, people get so frustrated that they cannot do either of them , I could not do them either until I understood what was going on, I have read books on how making money flow into and how to bring in positive things into our lives. I tried and tried but failed. until I learnt a technique and that technique made sense to me, I learnt that what we thought and what we felt come from two different areas of ourselves so no matter how hard I thought of what I wanted things would not come until I felt it too, but how do you feel it when you do not feel it?

When we meditate, we can manifest, it is as simple as that. Most of us do not have time to meditate me too it seem so hard to get that point you know the point of Zen it takes years to master and then only a few get there so what is needed is a quick pace one for this quick pace life we have this mediation I do takes you in quick and seats you in the spot where you can manifest from successfully.

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I would like to share this with you.

Firstly, you close your eyes and with the middle finger on your power hand tap between the brows. Tap firmly, then stop and feel the energy there, then take that sensation of energy to the left side of your brain [easy enough]. Then, take it to the right side [a little more difficult, but it will go easier the more you do it. Then take the energy down to the mid brain, so that is in the middle of your head towards the back where the Pineal gland is situated. Stay there and breath up and down the nose, you are now seated in the place where you can directly change your emotions. You will find it quiet and peaceful there. Whilst you are there at first, don’t force anything just feel how it is, so you now are in a direct line to the emotions and to the subconscious. What you transmit from this point is going to go direct instead of it going through the mind and that is the difference the mind will mess about with the thoughts but you are by- passing the mind so it can be clear thought and image of what you want. If you want to perfect this please call me I would love to teach you.


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