How Will I Reconcile With My Ex?

By Sofia: As an intuitive relationships coach and break up healer, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping you reconnect with your soulmate. Break ups bring chaos, sadness and strong feelings of loss and emptiness… But as your spiritual advisor my job is to really help you understand why a break up happened and what is the best way of action to re-align with someone special in your heart. If you really see a break up for what is, you will understand why breakups are a true blessing!

When you reach the breaking point of a connection with a soulmate, it means that you and your partner aren’t any longer on the same vibration. Your values, needs and dreams aren’t in sync. So what did happen from the moment you first met to now? Why are you no longer on the same page as you used to? 

So, what is the fastest way to bring your ex back?


  1. Align with who you really are

The most important element to examine when a break up happens, is whether you diverted from your true desires, values and dreams. We often tend to lose sight of who we are once we find ourselves in a relationship. It is only normal to seek harmony when we are with someone we love, but first we have to be in harmony with who we really are. Our inner being will always be there to remind us that our true power is the ability to be in alignment with our higher self. If you currently experience a break up take this time to heal and really find happiness in who you are.

Mate with your soul first and everything else you desire will mate with you! 

  1. Examine whether you were great “soul” mates

As incredible a connection may seem with a soulmate, we always have to put in the work to grow and expand at the same speed. Relationships, even the most amazing ones, still need work! Being open to honest communication, vulnerability and compassion are key aspects for creating a deep intimate connection. You are soulmates for a reason; to help each other ascent to a higher vibration of consciousness. When one is left behind or doesn’t put in the work, while the other one is marching forward it will only bring discomfort and frustration, conflict and competition. Respecting each other’s boundaries, pace and healing is very important to keep the relationship in harmony. Don’t force things to happen, let things unfold naturally! 

  1. When you love someone set them free!

No matter how big or small your plans with your partner, we often fall victim of our expectations. Whether you are in a relationship or apart the best way to always be in alignment  with a soulmate is to set them free. We get caught up with the idea and potential of our partner, rather than the actual person. This is why it is important to work on your partnership (as I mentioned above). Being caught up to our expectations only brings feelings of entrapment and attachment to a specific outcome. When we want things to happen is a certain way we often push our partner away. No one wants to feel pressured or responsible for our happiness. Letting things move forward with a natural flow and ease, will always surprise you and exceed your expectations. Set your lover free and be open to receive their love! 

  1. Was this relationship truly a soul connection? 

When a break up happens you really need to see the relationship for what really was…was your partner really a soulmate? How did it start? Were you rushing into having a relationship? Were there any “red flags” warning you? Did you ignore it? We often quickly jump into relationships because we get fascinated by some parts of a person, but not all of who they are…the signs were always there to warn us, but we thought they would change. If this describes your situation with your ex, learn the lesson with deep appreciation, see the blessing in the situation and move forward. A true soulmate is someone you will never question their loyalty, devotion and love. Don’t make discounts to your soul’s mating! 

When two souls are really aligned they will always beat at the vibration of love. If you’ve recently had a break up or your current relationship feels off tune, I’m here to help you re-align with your partner!


Love, Light and Healing, 


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